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Country Discussion Topics
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Man Oh Man
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Alias    Posted 10-29-2004 at 07:02:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
Lots of stuff happened here while I was fishing yesterday. It's taken me about 40 minutes to read everything that's been posted. All, or nearly all is very interesting.

Nancy and I drove over to Havre de Grace for some Crappie fishing. We caught a few but nothing anyone would want to mount on a trophy board. But, we enjoyed ourselves just the same.

We met a nice couple from near Ephrata, Pa. They had driven down for dinner at our famed McGreggor's Resturant. The occassion was their 37th wedding anniversary. It was still mid afternoon when they came onto the fishing pier and as is the custom, they opened the conversation with the usual question; "Catching anything?

Within minutes I learned he was retired from Armstrong Flooring but she was still teaching. I suggested they probably needed a break from all the political stuff going on in their state. They both nodded agreement and went on to say that whenever a candidate comes anywhere near their town, traffic becomes a snarling mess of waiting.
Yesterday, The president's entourage brought everything to a standstill. And, they have had it with political ads on tv. Because they live in one of the Battleground states, they're aired at least twice at every commercial break.

The next thing you know the issue of health cost came up and he and I started comparing cost for coverage. He said, his cost ran about $600 monthly. And, mine is only about half as much. I called to Nancy to make sure I wasn't giving out bad information and she agreed that our monthly premium is $270 plus change. Then it was discovered that our's is cheaper because Medicare is my primary provider. His medicare won't kick in for a few more years when he reaches 65.

The next thing ya know, we found these two very nice people so genuinely pleasant, that both nancy and I put down our rods and engaged in some wholesome conversation. Nancy and the lady started talking about points of interest and things to do and see, in and around the town. And, the man and I found ourselves leaning on the pier railing and continued talking about first one thing and then another. Mainly, our work. Seems old timers, such as we, like to relive the haydays of our careers.

Afterwards, I invited the man to use one of my rods and try his luck at fishing. At first he declined because he didn't have a license. But when I explained that none was required on Town piers, he gladly accepted.

Before they left, Nancy took a picture of the two of them standing in front of a paddle wheeler and they exchanged email addresses. A little later today, I'll down load the pictures onto the computer and send it to them.

Now, I know that this chance meeting is nothing extraordinary. But, I once received an email from a very nice person at C/L which reminded me that everyone we meet makes an impression. Some more than others, but each has a bearing on the things that happen in our lives. And, I'd like to end here by saying that I for one welcome any such encounters. I guess you could say, Nancy and I are people people.......gfp

Bob Mi    Posted 10-29-2004 at 10:36:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Alias, I wanted to know If you caught any fish?? Nice to meet people ike that.

Ron/PA    Posted 10-29-2004 at 07:19:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Right in the midst of all of the chaos, you wanna bring a dose of reality onboard,
THANK YOU!!! lol
A few years ago we were picking some ear corn, when a fairly large motorhome lumbered down the narrow back road, stopped, and the occupants got out and stood watching. After inroductions, we found that this was a retired farmer from Kansas. They were lost, and didn't care, when they saw the old one row pickers in the field they stopped to watch.
One thing led to another, picking halted, bar-b-que started, and they ended up parked in the back yard for the night.
We swapped stories, experiences, and lies for a day and a half, he showed me some old tractor fixes, and I showed him some old tractor cob jobs.
Thanks for reminding me, that it's not all hate and discontent, out there.

EngineerJoyce    Posted 10-29-2004 at 07:18:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Very nice. I'm glad you got to have such a nice day. My parents get to meet people in that manner, and some have become true friends.

In this time of "mine" and "go, go, go" it is really refreshing when somebody just chats.

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