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Last cigarette
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mojo    Posted 11-04-2004 at 20:56:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Tomorrow I'll be smoke free. One year ago today was my horse accident that left me with a crushed hip and knee so to celebrate my surviving I've decided to lengthen my stay here on Gods green earth. Plus the fact that my kids are getting to the age that they need a good (and live!)role model.
The only exception will be a Swisher Sweet coming and going to work. I have a 45 minute drive and know that would be my downfall.

Some day I'll have to post about that horse ordeal, including laying in a beanfield on my back for 5 hours. A person doesn't realize how few song lyrics he knows til something like that happens! Makes me appreciate ~Lenore alot!


Farmall    Posted 11-05-2004 at 18:49:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]

I started smoking Phillip Morris Ciggs , and when I did, they had just upped their price to 30@ a pk/. They went out, so I went to Camel, both non filter. Somtime in the mid 80s they raised the price to 50@. I was at work, during break wshen the guy came in and changed the price on the machine. I,and all of us raised hell. I was gonna quit, others was gonna roll there own, I had an old Bugler cigg maker, a flip flop. Then had those newer ones that had a crank on them. Anyway, I said, if they raised it again id quit. they said, yeah, right. WShen they raise it again, youll belly up to the machine like the rest of us and buyum at whatever price they raise them too. Well, I figgured it would be a decade before they raised them again. HEck, it wasnt more than a year. WShen the guy changed the price again, the guys said, now whattia gonna do. I said, I tol ya, if they raised it again, id quit. Yeah, they saidm when your done with that pack, youll be over there buyin agnother at the new price. Well, a guy sat right of me and smoked Camel filters. I took out my 1/2 pk and said, here, u want these? He looked supprised, but said yeah, and I said, theyre yours. That was it. I had made myself quit, cause if I kept it up, id never hear the end of it with the guys I worked with. I aint smoked a doz ciggs in 25 yrs, and I cant smoke a cigar anymore without getting sick

Chas in Me    Posted 11-05-2004 at 05:57:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
I stopped smoking in March. I just decided to take up a new habit called not-smoking.
Good luck, I'm pullin for ya.

ret    Posted 11-05-2004 at 07:00:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
I smoked nonstop for years, not cigs, but a pipe and a whole lot of cigars. Going to work, at work, at home ,you name it. One day in 86 I had a bad cold, put my cigar out cause it tasted so bad, sat there for a few minutes and lit it up again. Still bad. Just then I realized what a hold it had on me. Put it out and have not had one since. Still got the two dutchmasters left in the box. Only way to go is STOP. You can do it

Alias    Posted 11-05-2004 at 05:51:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
I started smocking when I was a teenager and except for the time I was in the Army, I smoked continously. Put it all together, It is safe to say I burned 'em for about 50 years. And, as time went on, the need became stronger until I was a walking stove pipe. When I finally quit, I was firing up nearly three packs a day.

Several times over the years, I made feeble attempts to quit. But, most times, I couldn't get through the first day, until the very last time.

Now, before I go into the details about how I quit, Let me just say that tobacco was in complete control of my life. In fact, I would stand in the rain to "Smoke", rather than come inside where it was warm and dry. And, the things I coughed up looked like mountain oysters at a hog farm on castration day. All green and vile and sick looking. And, the shortness of breath coupled with the coughing spasms kept me doubled over much of the time. It got so bad that I knew if I didn't quit, I'd be lucky to last out the year. Finally I realised it had to stop. But, the question was; how?

That realization came to me on the 23 day of May in 2003. About a year and a half ago. It was late in the evening and I was partaking of a last smoke before I went to bed. As I stood there leaning on the railing of patio, I looked down and saw where I had coughed and deposited gobs of mucas and said to myself, if Nancy sees that I'll be in deep trouble tomorrow. So, rather than run the risk, I stepped down onto the ground and with a stick, I stirred the horrible mess into the mulch. As I performed the chore, I thought, she despises to see anything so gastly. So, why shouldn't I despise having it in my body? The Good Lord knew it was as displeasing to me as it was to my dear wife. But, what was I to do... I was a chain smoker and I couldn't break the hold cigarettes had on me.

When I went back to my bedroom, I put into practice a lesson that was taught me while I was still very young. So, I got on my knees by the foot of my bed and began to pray. In essence, my prayer went something like this:

Lord, I am addicted to smoking and too weak to overcome the urge to light up. So, Lord I'm praying for your strength to see me through and to help me control my dependancy for tobacco. Of course, I also prayed for my family and the soldiers and our President and everyone associated with 9-11.

When I was finished, I laid down and slept good.
When I awoke the next morning, I did not lite up and I haven't lit one since. What's more, what had once been the hardest thing for me to quit became the easiest. For, as God is my Judge, I have not had any desire for tobacco from that day.
There have been about 4 or 5 times when my right hand, brought on by years of repetition, has made a grab for my shirt pocket. But, when ever that happens it always makes me smile and reconfirms that God is more powerful than weed.

I have been smoke free for more than 18 months and I'm glad.

Now, mojo, I truly trust that you can overcome. But, whether it gets too hard or not, it's always good to have God's love to help you through. So, if the going get's too hard, a little bending of the knee won't make you weaker. On the contrary, it'll make you stronger.......gfp

mojo    Posted 11-05-2004 at 04:51:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
So far so good. Didn't realize how much it would throw off my timing! Get up and have one while taking care of business...shower and then have one while shaving whole routine seems tied to being timed by 6 minute intervals. And that Swisher Sweet didn't last near as long as it has been while on my way to work.8^/
I'm a ritualistic feller but can also be a stubborn one. Time to let the stubborn guy out of the bag!
Thanks for the replies, it's easier hearing others stories of going thru this.


Les    Posted 11-05-2004 at 04:40:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Pushing 3 years now. But then, I did that once before.

dan    Posted 11-05-2004 at 03:57:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
The im portant thing is to quit cold turkey you cant have even one. Icarried a half a pack in my pocket for a week till I threw them out that way I knew I really wanted to quit. Was off for 4 years till my wife left ,said I was to miserable. smoking more than ever now.I think the wife was worse for me than the cigarettes anyway.
good luck

Salmoneye    Posted 11-05-2004 at 03:55:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Had my last just over a year ago...Smoked hand-rolled Dutch tobacco for 20+ years...I was up to 60-80 a day...

I rolled one...Lit it...Was enjoying it in fact...I looked at it...I Snubbed it out and have not had another since...

Two days of litterally seeing things...Then it got a bit better...Lots of those tiny Certs and a couple bags of Lemon-Drops...Took me a few months to stop 'craving' one at certain times...Now I don't even think about it, and I hang out with people that smoke continuously...Last time I had a 'craving' it was more like a passing thought...I was tending a bonfire last month, and had a minute free...Just thought I should roll a cig...Then it came to me that I don't smoke anymore...

It does get easier...

Good luck...Best thing you can do for you and your family...

deadcarp    Posted 11-04-2004 at 22:37:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
no rush - it's your pine box, right? after my first stroke in august 2003, doc walters asked what was bothering me. i told him i'd just torn half my roof open and hoped it didn't rain til i got it patched up. he allowed that most people in my condition never get to see their roofs again. so it didn't take me long to put that roof worry aside and focus on what was happening and what i could improve. i'd quit smoking for sure. after a month in therapy i was home again, weakened but trying to make up for lost time.
this past august i had a right-side stroke. you know what was scary? watching my right side shut down over the next few days. first nite i could turn over in bed and sit up on the edge, then i couldn't lift my arm and my whole leg went numb and my face tingled and i couldn't cough cuz my lung was getting lazy and even my sphinter lost its brakes so that part was up to them too. then about the 4th morning, my left thumb and finger started going numb. it had crossed the centerline. you pray then boy!

and doc walters? when he found out i'd gone back to smoking, he said "you sure had me fooled - i thought sure you'd learned this time." nope, but i ain't smoking now! ain't walking yet either. so go ahead and have the first stroke. and pray it's a gentle one. just learn faster than i did. :)

Steve from TN    Posted 11-05-2004 at 05:01:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
"so go ahead and have the first stroke. and pray it's a gentle one. just learn faster than i did."

DC, that line ought to be the convincer for any of us that are still hangin' on to the killer-weeds.

Mojo, my line that I fed myself whilst I was quittin' was, "I am a non-smoker. I no longer use the things." Whatever helps; I like DC's line the best.

James(Ga)    Posted 11-04-2004 at 21:12:45       [Reply]  [No Email]

Mojo, I,m proud of you but lets go just a little farther and leave the swisher sweets off too. I had my last cigg in 1965 i just put them down and quite there and then and it took me 10 long years to not want a smoke. The worse time was after i eat or got upset about someting.Now it doesent bother me at all and cant stand the smell of them. Set that role for the kids and let us in on the horse accident. James

Aprille    Posted 11-05-2004 at 06:07:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
I quit cold turkey 1 yr 11 monthes ago..January 1st 2004 for my oldest..I asked God that since they were a crutch I couldn't deal with alone I needed friend and I quit at the same time..U can do it! I have never gone back and even TRIED to smoke a cigarette..took a drag..ground that puppy RIGHT OUT..didn't get dizzy or anything but the strangest thing was..I couldn't believe I had EVER smoked!! Can't even HOLD them right anymore..and the SMELL!! OH LORD THE SMELL!! EEEEWWWWWWWW!!

Grove r    Posted 11-05-2004 at 07:15:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Right on, Aprille...can't stand the smell OR the taste...quit 'bout twenty some years ago...was right into smoking cigars like cigarettes, 'bout ten to twelve of them big puppys a day...inhaled and may think it is tough to quit smoking cigarettes.....should try quiting cigars!! One point I would like to mention; everyone said I would get fat if I quit smoking ..... not true....used to wiegh one eighty, now tip in at two forty five of solid muscle!!!! Just can't believe the masses...... have a good one, R.E.L.

midway    Posted 11-05-2004 at 14:20:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
You can do it Mojo. It can be done "Cold Turkey" I started out at 17, got up to 3 packs a day. Had to take a trip back to Missouri to bury my younger brother, came back and quit flat out. Been free of them since 1971. Get rid of them, don't carry a pack on you, don't do the "oh, just one" thing. Good Luck and we're rooting for you.

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