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Country Discussion Topics
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Setting things straight
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steve19438    Posted 11-05-2004 at 09:36:09       [Reply]  [Send Email]
why my question about rajah was turned into a racial thing i will never know. if you go back and read "my" posts you can clearly see no bias was intended. furthermore at the plant where i work we have many people from india and bangledesh working there. i have found these people to be most polite, friendly and forgiving folks i have EVER worked with. much of the time i prefer their company to that of many of the "whites" i have to put up with. unfortunateley many of these young people are adapting western ways; cussing, putting down women and generally acting like idiots in hopes of fittiing into what they perceive as "american culture". one young fella even changed his first name to "fit in", truly sad.
that's it!

Does your load get too    Posted 11-05-2004 at 10:18:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
heavy to bear? Are you often misquoted and misunderstood? Does it sometime seem that more than 50 percent of the nation disagrees with your phylosophy? If so, maybe there is something you can do to turn the situation around.

First off, you should move closer to Crawford, buy a ten gallon hat, a pair of pointed toe high heel boots, and a large bullet blocking rodeo belt buckle. Next butter up to some of those old time, honest to God, western waddies and learn how to saunter with a bow-legged swagger.

next, you want to take lessons on how to time your speech so it'll appear that you were tickled too much when you were a baby which resulted in a near stutter. Remember, it worked for Gary Cooper and it can work for you. Just practice saying Yass Ma''aum. following that, it would be most benificial to your cause if you'd learn the Texas Two Step and all the words to "Cotton Eyed Joe".

Now theree's a few other things that would serve to enhance your personality traits but I don't want to overload you in the very beginning. Just know that I'm here to provide any instructions you may need in the future. But, there is one thing you must immediately do. That is to cease and disest making any comments about how certain ethnic groups are better than some "Whites". For, you see, it directly draws attention to what you want to express and that's just not the way it's done in polite society. What you have to do is perfect the art of inferring and suggesting an idea in such a way as to get your point across and, at the same time, make the reader agree and think kindly of you.

Now, you asked for it. You got it. and I sincerely trust you do not find this response as anything less than this humble writer's intent. Which, is aimed at improving your position and to build self confidence.

Very truly yours,
Dr. Phil

OR YOU COULD    Posted 11-05-2004 at 10:48:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
Move to Mass. study under one of the best underwater drivers in the world. Tutor under the smartest woman in the world, and marry the ketchup kween, and you'll be set to raise taxes on yer loyal followers 'til they love ya ta pieces.
'round here, ya might wanna learn that Crawford drawl.... Money's tight.

Willy-N    Posted 11-05-2004 at 09:51:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
What is a white person? I am German and English am I white? My wife is English so dose that make my Daughter less German being only 1/4 German? What does color have to do with it anyway is there a problem with different colors? There will allways be bad and good in all races and if you quit looking at the race issuse you will get along better with all folks. That is like telling a Black person My best freind was Black. Come on Steve just drop the race issue once and for all. Now saying you work with India Culture people means you are not bias and they are good people because you will work with them? Give me a break. Read what you just said. Mark H.

steve19438    Posted 11-05-2004 at 09:59:07       [Reply]  [Send Email]
omigod! i knew some jacka** would do this! mark, whatever you are smoking these days, kick the habit!

toolman    Posted 11-05-2004 at 09:46:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
steve i posted to you yesterday but i guess you were gone and i just posted back to you down below again about my pal.

steve19438    Posted 11-05-2004 at 09:52:59       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Ron/PA    Posted 11-05-2004 at 10:08:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
I thought you fit right in, fercryinoutloud don't take it too serious, YOU STARTED IT!LOL

Mugway    Posted 11-05-2004 at 10:18:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Were not in KANSAS any more Toto. :)

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