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Country Discussion Topics
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Things back to normal again at home now!
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Willy-N    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:23:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
It was a nice visit but no place like home when you have the whole couch to lay on if you want. Funny when little things like your spot on the couch or show on TV make a home a regular place you are used to. We had several nice dinners all sat around the table and talked, even said a few stories we had not heard yet! No yelling or real fights so that was good. But we also knew when it was time to end the visit and go back to our regular routines. So now I get a few miniutes on the Computer again and visit here for a while!! Mark H.

deadcarp    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:37:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
i had a good experience too - first time out by myself in 2 months. . suzn was napping and i wanted to start building a bedrail thingy but my fittings were in here and the plastic pipe was outside. well i finally wangled the fittings to the porch, navigated the step down and even had my wheelchair out there. so long s i was there and only a ramp kept me in, i managed to play the brakes and kick my way down to the dirt, went across to the van, looked around at the golf cart, watched a boat trolling the lake and soaked up a few quiet minutes of sunshine. on the way back i even retrieved a length of 2" pipe for cutting up later. suzn speeded up my re-entry so we're home free. :)

Willy-N    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:47:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
You need to set up a few rolling hoists in a shop and lower the benches and build some U Shaped ones you can work on all your projects with. A few sliding I-Beams with a electric hoist would be nice and not limint the thing you want to work on. Might have to build a shop right off the house that you can split on the Golf Cart out the back when no one is looking! I am thinking of a hoist set up myself. The old back does not want to lift the heavy things on the bench anymore. Mark H.

Ron/PA    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:44:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
Progress is a great thing isn't it? Geeze I'm glad to see you're starting to venture out on your own. I know you're prolly sick of hearing it, but I keep cheerin for yer team each day.
Glad to hear the pipe got inside.
Pleaze tell Suzn she can take another nap tamarra iffen it's nice out. LOL

toolman    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:34:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
nice to have company but when you aren,t used to having company all the time it can be a different way of life that you have to live for a bit, ahh just makes that ole couch feel so much better after you been out of it for a while,haha

Willy-N    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:41:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
In 8 years I have had one neibor and his wife over for dinner so far and one Barn Raising party. We fed most of the hill steaks that night! The neibor kid comes over and eats sometimes but I get work out of him in return. Other than that I can't remember the last time someone knocked on the door I did not know was coming over. The dogs seem to keep them on the other side of the fence. One of the reasons I moved to the country was to not have Tea Parties! Mark H.

toolman    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:49:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
yup same here , i like not having to entertain, it was nice seeing grover , bob wasn,t here long enough to finish a coffee, with them you could just be yourself and relax, but thats the most company we have had in a while.

Willy-N    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:57:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
WOW I forgot when Bob came over a couple of times. We had a blast and the second time I was out on a fire and missed him. Having Bob over is better than family he's a freind! Mark H.

toolman    Posted 11-06-2004 at 15:35:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
yup he sure is but don,t let him under your hood , he,ll rebuild your engine before you can get him out haha.a very very good mechanic and him and his wife are top notch folks, very nice people, grover and his wife as well, gonna try and get up grover way in the spring and show him how to manuver that cat around dodes trees.

Ron/PA    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:47:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Willy, it's a good thing some of us don't live nearer, we would be having weekly Tea-Bone parties,, Wouldn't we guys??
Course they would be held when you aren't home...

Willy-N    Posted 11-06-2004 at 13:55:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well 3 of the Steers were picked up this weekend and we now have our whole one plus probley a haft left from last year still. If you saw what our dogs get for dinner you would scream! My wife take Rib Eyes and cuts them up for there dinner!! I told her I better not catch her cutting up the Tender Loins those are mine. We proble have over 1,200 lbs of meat to eat this year and the dogs will get around 7-800 lbs for there diners. Mark H.

Ron/PA    Posted 11-06-2004 at 14:24:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
I know what you're saying, We have plenty left and just sent our steers to the butcher shop.
It's funny but some days it's hard to give away t-bone and tenderloin, most shelters can't handle frozen or cooler stock soooo the rotty and beagles eat well.

ennis    Posted 11-06-2004 at 15:26:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
well we can handle all the frozen t-bones so get yourself in yer truck and get em down here.

toolman    Posted 11-06-2004 at 15:31:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
tryin to suck up to halfpint now for making him wear that collar huh.

Willy-N    Posted 11-06-2004 at 14:43:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
We were kicking it around to set up a Mobile Slaughter Unit to take to Ranches around here this morning. There is one other one in the State of Washington to do this. The Market is there but dealing with USDA Inspectors is the problem you need one to follow you around when you go to a ranch to slaughter if you want USDA Meat you can sell. The only other way is to take them to a Live Stock Yard and let them do it there. It would cost about $150,000.00 to set it up but if the market could support it you could sell your Beef to Stores, Restraunts ect and cut out the middle man and end up with better meat. Not having you steers get all wound up and full of adrenalin just piror to slaughter would make better meat to sell. Just something to work on for a project? Mark H.

Grove r    Posted 11-06-2004 at 14:39:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Zactly!! thanks Toolman, surely was good to visit again...too bad things worked out like they did with that time..... plan on having a coffee area in the shop...probably up on the mezanine....that way when someone comes to BS we don't have to go to the house to have coffee.... bathroom too...boys are even talking 'bout a fridge.....gee...I wounder what they plan on keeping cold in it???? Y'all have a gooder, R.E.L.

toolman    Posted 11-06-2004 at 15:15:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
bought the same way still grover , probably worse, , today is a bad un.

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