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Country Discussion Topics
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Need legal advice or just advice
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James(Ga)    Posted 11-07-2004 at 14:38:48       [Reply]  [Send Email]

A couple years years ago my grandson moved to Miami live with his girlfriend things got a little rockey a few weeks ago and Jenny and my son went there to get him and he was going to visit with us for a couple weeks Dueing the two weeks they broke up for good.Now the problem.He left everything there encluding his car, puter, clothing ect.I ask her to mail us his car title and high school diploma. We would then Give her a bill of sale for the car and sign the title over to her. This was not to much to ask of her since no one has a dime in it but Jenny and myself.She has not done what we asked and says she has. I know it does not take 8 days for a letter to reach Ga since i have mailed many M.Os to them in the past and only took 3 days Now Jenny and i intend to leave for Miami OK Tuesday morning to get the car and other belonging. What kind of document can he write out and have it Notarized so i can tend to his affairs and get things out of his name without me getting into trouble. I do know that i will get the police to go to the apt with me. Any and all advice greatly appreciated. James(Ga) PS he (grandson) cant go with us because of work.

screaminghollow    Posted 11-08-2004 at 07:32:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Some states require special powers of attorney for certain acts and transactions. For instance in most states, a power of attorney to rent lease, buy or sell real estate needs to be notarized. In Pa, there is a special statutory form to be signed and notarized by both the person giving and the person acting as attorney in fact. Where is the car titled? Call that state's DMV and find out what you need to get a duplicate title, may even be available on line. If you just want to drive the car home and it is in GS's sole name, seems he can just give you written permission to drive car. and you should be good to go. Hopefully, GS's stuff is worth the hassles of driving all the way out to OK. If the car is a heap, you can have him call and donate it to some worthy cause out there, they can pick it up and he needs to do nothing more. Watch out for the girlfriend, she could be real trouble for you, claiming you took (stole) her stuff, etc. You may want to get5 his stuff before giving/signing to her any part of the car etc.,
Lastly, GS needs some responsibility for setting things right with you and the ex girlfriend. I'd make him go through the steps to straighten out a goodly portion of this.

Dug    Posted 11-07-2004 at 15:53:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]
No legal advise, but seems like your grandson should tend to his own affairs.

Now I'll go mind my own business,


bo    Posted 11-07-2004 at 14:56:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
You need a "Power of Attorney" form....copy and paste this link and pick the on you want...... A durable poa means that everything is are him. You can also limit the types of things that can be done. For example...selling of the car. Pick one for Ga and the other state.. notarize and you control his life.

bo    Posted 11-07-2004 at 14:58:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
lousy link...try this..

Willy-N    Posted 11-07-2004 at 14:54:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
Get a lost title for it right away. Then you can do a title change with sellers report to protect yourself. Mark H.

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