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Country Discussion Topics
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Sammie    Posted 05-03-2002 at 09:35:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
I didn't post this below cuz it's getting down there. I got some sleep finally and am in a better mood this morning!!! lol Anyway, since you live on the east side of the Cascades, you might check and see what rights you have in the name of "irrigation". Civil Corp of Engineers hate working on this side of the mountains because of the shoreline management act, and the indangered species act prevents them from doing just about anything. They are the ones who put in the dikes to prevent flooding. But their big complaint is that they can't do things like that to save lives and property but the irrigation companies and districts (not private owners as far as I know) can take a backhoe in the river, dam it up and run all of the water down THEIR ditches in the name of irrigation and they may get a slap on the wrist for blocking the water but if they have a hydrolics permit issued by Dept of Fish & Wildlife which most companies have an "open" permit, they can do most anything and it's "catch me if you can". I have one to hand remove a beaver dam from the creek where my mother lives - this is the creek the irrigation district took a BIG bucket scooper right down on to the creek bottom tracks and all, dug out the bottom of the creek and through it up on the back of the riparian owners property, even AFTER we convinced the court that the ditch company didn't dig that part of the river, God did !!

Just out of curiosity, why did you apply for a permit to build a NEW barn? Permits and restrictions are alot more severe for new than for remodel and you can completely remove an entire building right down to one wall and you can still rebuild it with new materials. Also, an "old" building would have been grandfathered in so that may have been the loophole but you already told them it was a new barn. I have 2 buildings about ready to fall down but I'm not going to take them down til I'm ready to rebuild and I'll use some of the old boards on one wall to keep the "rebuild" legal. But I don't live out in the boonies like you do. I have some old barn red boards you can have for you "old wall".

Now I'm in a rotton mood again!! Time for coffee and outside to enjoy some sun and fresh air!! Got a guy coming later today to fix one corner of my house - I hope!! He is going to have to jack it up cuz some time before I bought it, it slid off of the foundation in the back north corner. Hope I don't end up with too much damage from moving it but there is so much rot on that one corner, I may have to have it completely torn out and rebuilt. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that I don't have!!

Morning all!!! lol

Mark Hendershot    Posted 05-03-2002 at 19:19:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
I got my permit to build the barn now. I was mad because they were telling me where I had to put it even tho that was where it was going any way. In fact I was able to get all the dirt work done today!! Rod and his dad showed up a day early and I have been working on it all day now. I got the water, electricity and phone all inside the barn area and all leveled and ready to build on the 18 of May!!! Ditches are all filed and graded. Guess who drove by??? The inspector and he never stopped he was just making sure I put it where I said I was going to. Mark H.

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