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Awe and wonder in the skies. Thanks to the Vets.
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Rickstir    Posted 11-11-2004 at 06:54:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Last Saturday I cleaned out the chicken house. Not the room where the birds are, but everything else. We have a mouse problem so cleaning everything up is the first step. While I was inside I heard a jet plane fly over. Now where we live, you seldom get much if any jet noise from
the passenger jets flying overhead. This one was different. Very low (or so I thought) and very, very loud. Curiousity finally got the best of me and I stepped outside to look.

A B2 Stealth Bomber was flying over, and its black "V" shaped outline along with the noise made it look like pure evil out looking for some bad guys. I am guessing that the plane was at 7,000 feet. It was awesome.

The B2 force is based in south central Missouri at Whitmann Air Force Base. They fly missions from there to the middle east and back. This one was participating in a fly-over along with some A-10 Anti-tank jets at the Missouri Football Game.

In stark contrast, last fall as I was driving home from work I saw a B-17 World War II bomber flying over. I have read a lot about this plane but had never seen one in person, let alone one flying overhead. I stopped the car and got out to watch. My mind raced back to how the people in England must have felt seeing hundreds of these war planes flying out over the channel. I also thought of the German people looking up and seeing these warriors in bombing formation.

Both of these planes represent the best of our fighting forces for technology for the time and the ongoing skill, dedication and bravery of our flying warriors. Thanks to these and all the Veterans.

Ron/PA    Posted 11-11-2004 at 07:20:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
I still remember back in '58 my second day of kindergarden we had an air raid drill, under the desk, and cover your head. I bawled like a baby, Didn't wanna be bombed!
All the town kids had been prepped for this, we dummy farm kids didn't know nuttin from nuttin!
Many years later, I could only imagine the terror that kids over there felt when the bombs really came falling and they were hiding under them spindly desks!
May god bless all of our vets, past, present and future.

JoeK    Posted 11-11-2004 at 08:00:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Back in the 60s,AirForce was doing low level"nap of the earth" flight training with bombers.Our farm in NW WI was on one of their flight paths.I can tell ya that when yer plowin or whatever and a huge arsed airplane sneaks up on ya from behind about treetop high(actually 500'minimum)and "zooms" ya,it WILL wake ya right up :)

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