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Country Discussion Topics
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Akeing Joints
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James(Ga)    Posted 11-14-2004 at 21:25:39       [Reply]  [No Email]

Well winter has finely got to Ga but its not to bad yet but bad enough to get all my joints hurting and i mean bad too.I have lived on this creek and in between two swamps all my life but swore i would not spend another winter here but never say never.Jenny just rubed me down with ben gay and i have a heating pad on.I told her we may go to Fl. for a few weeks and see if the joints get better.If so, live there dueing the winter and come back home in early spring.I remember when i was a kid there was a lady living in dads rentle house right next to the creek and the Dr made her move away from here.Never did find out if moving helped her or not. I understand South Texas is a good winter place but Fl is so much closer.All this pain is getting worce and worce each year.Since i've been here all my life it will be so hard to just pick up and leave. A lady on another one of my horse boards offered me a good deal on a lot in Texas last year and said it stayed purtty much warm all winter but i forgot where in Texas she said it was. I'm hurting so bad i guess i'm just feeling sorry for myself but if anyone has any sugestions please lets hear them. I really love Mn but to cold for me but do hope to get back there to visit again one last time. Jamesga

Bernie in MA    Posted 11-15-2004 at 15:58:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
I've had rhumatoid for almost 20 years and have tried all kinds of things. Glucosamine and shark cartelige help and so does concentrated tart cherry juice. I get it from

Betty    Posted 11-15-2004 at 07:29:16       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Sorry to hear about the pain. make sure you don't eat anything with MSG in it, causing joint problems. also take Glucosamine/Chondroitin for joint aches. been taking it or yrs and give it to my arthritic dog, she is so happy now. Also rub Knees, elbows, shoulders with COLD-PRESSED CASTOR OIL. get it at a health food store. then use your heating pad. Make sure it is cold pressed, costs about 8 bucks. People swear it heals knees. I know what it does for the feet. Healed many of sore feet with it. you will think you are walking on air. good luck. take care of the body, you only get one

oslo in nc    Posted 11-15-2004 at 17:34:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Bette; I don't think the Glucosimine/Chondroitin will be a problem for women but men should get only Glucosimine (Walmart). The Chondroitin can cause problems with men's prostrates. Take it and forget it. After two months see if you don't have as much pain. Takes that long to make a difference. fwiw

Fern(Mi)    Posted 11-15-2004 at 03:59:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Got just the spa for ya.
I got some sixty some ladies giving me massages almost twice a day our communally meeting around meal times. I get a many a back, side, leg and foot, facials and the thigh rubs and spinal rubs almost send me right out of this world. There are the occasional hoe downs and the I canít discount the benifts of the Bull rides to loosen up the tighter joints. So! Feel free to stop on by for a visit and Iíll guarantee ya a good workout. Bullet, Rasmussen, and Severance are all waiting to serve. Now! Donít dally. Ya hear? And donít worry about the shin on your shoes/boots. That will be taken care of, no worries.

KellyGa    Posted 11-15-2004 at 03:16:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Getting old ain't for sissies, is it? ;)

Yep, its been a bit cool these past few days around here. My knees are all that really hurt when the cold sets in. I accept it and keep on keeping on.

I tell you what, my parents have some times when they are hurting, but nothing like my grandmother goes through. She has finally had to get her one of those motorized chairs for most her getting around her place. Her situation is that she has the kind of arthritis that deteriorates the cartlidge until its bone on bone, and from what I hear that is excrutiatingly painful.

I wish I had an answer for you, and I tell you, I am not against getting checked out for a doctor, but sometimes there isn't much they can do about the aching except pain relievers. I have seen my grandmother go through those arthritis medications, like Celebrex. It didn't sit well with her, tore her insides up, she said she couldn't live like that.

My mama is big into self treatment as far as pain and stuff, I am going to see her on Wednesday, and I will see if she can recommend anything to try that is safe. She has trouble with her back and jaw (weird thing, has shooting pain in her face and jaw) and the chiropractor can work wonders on her, might try that too.

Donna from Mo    Posted 11-15-2004 at 03:36:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm extrememly happy with the results of my orthroscopic surgery; I had instant relieve from pain in my left knee. However, it didn't help my sister-in-law at all, so there's no guarantee it'll help everyone with knee pain. And it's not a permanent cure, because the doctor showed me in the pictures where I have bone-on-bone in two spots. I'm just hoping it helps me work until I'm 62.

~Lenore    Posted 11-15-2004 at 10:10:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
My knees have always been sensitive and noisy even when I was a child. So as I have matured it has gotten worse. If I go up and down stars in a silent building people can hear the "critchy, critchy" sound they make!

Glucosamine rebuilds cartilage and improves the condition of existing cartilage.
You do have to take it continually to prevent deterioration. It is great stuff and I use the Gluccosamine Sulphate one made by Spring Valley at Wal Mart, it passed the CL tests and is moderately priced. It does take some time to rebuild years of deterioration but it does work if you are patient.

Donna    Posted 11-15-2004 at 14:12:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Even my bone doctor agrees with you. But I've spend a bundle of money and taken Glucosamine for four years and seen no relief.

Doc, me too!    Posted 11-15-2004 at 03:08:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
I feel for ya James. Went on a 14 mile trail ride with my daughter and some others yesterday down at Mohican Forest and I hope the horse feels much better than I do today. Beautiful ride but these ole' muscles just don't bounce back like they used to.

Hope you find some relief. Think I'm gonna soak in a hot tub for a while this morning.

Kokanee    Posted 11-14-2004 at 23:10:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi James, sorry to hear your havin a tough time. Now if your joints never hurted and all was well would you still move to Texas? I,m thinkin you would answer no to that. So you see the situation your in.
So my advice be it from a stranger would be to do one of them big lifestyle changes and study up on why you are having this pain. There must be one of them holocistic centres {sorry I have no idea how to spell that} in your area that deals in alternative medicines like vitamins and herbs or whatever else there is. I once knew a fella that went thru hell with acheing bones and he tryed shark cartlige in the capsules. I seen it with my own eyes the changes it made. I have never took a vitamin in my life so I,m not pushin some sort of guru talk here. I,m just putting myself in your situation.
Ben Gay would do nothing in your case. There must be somethin else. Dont you have a doctor?

Or how bout moving to Texas just for this winter or anywhere else up in the dry & come back in the spring. That way you,ll have a chance to see how Texas suites you before givin it all up then makin the move. Ya gotta eat well to James. Maybe more well then your used to. Anyway sorry if I rattled on here. All the best

deadcarp    Posted 11-14-2004 at 22:14:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
my joints are kinda fussy too - one thing they don't like is fish oil. try some aleve - i take 2/day and a few days later i'm good, regardless of weather..

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