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Report on jerusalem artichokes
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Bkeepr    Posted 11-15-2004 at 04:29:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
Wife made 'em in a new recipe, with lots of mustard, garlic, and onions. Tasted absolutely wonderful, and I ate a ton...she wasn't far behind.

Welllllll, later that night we both had severely upset stomachs. Not sure if it was all the mustard, onions, and garlic or the jerusalem artichokes themselves, since we'd never eaten them before. I've got a genuine cast iron stomach, and never have problems. A little scared to try the artichokes again, now, though.

Anybody else seen or heard of this before?

Tom A

KatG    Posted 11-15-2004 at 12:43:06       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Wonder if you can buy them at the store??? I would love to have them for Thanksgiving brother and his snotty wife are going to be guest...They eat like pigs so bet they would really have that filthy wind from their

the effects...    Posted 11-15-2004 at 12:47:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
seem to take about 2-3 hours to hit, just enough time to get them out the door! The car ride home would be one they'd never forget. heh heh heh.


KatG    Posted 11-15-2004 at 16:20:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Got to get me some for the Thanksgiving feast...maybe Fort Smith has them.hmmmm...I love it...KAtG

screaminghollow    Posted 11-15-2004 at 06:46:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I love Jerusalem artichokes, haven't had em in years though. There are certain foods that just don't agree with some folks systems. For me it was also stomach cramps and hours of some awful gas. Any amount of onion has the same affect on me. Don't know if beano would help or not.

Jerusalem artichokes were a staple for farm folks in eastern PA a long time ago. They come up like weeds every year and they are about the easiest thing on earth to grow. Most folks also grew some tiny tomato type fruit which were called ground cherries,(or less politically correct, Jew cherries) in England I think they are called the cape gooseberries. Small dull orange/green berries inside a papery husk (similar to but not the same as the poisonous Japanese lanterns) My Grandma would make a heavenly pie with those ground cherries.

There has been some references, even in historical accounts about how a change in diet to some root crops or other foods can lead to stomache distress. For instance, some folks who don't usually eat beans suddenly have problems after eating some. Even Merriweather Lewis's journal from 1804 or 1805 made reference to an instance in which they were running low on food, Sacagawea showed them some wild tubers to eat & most of the men got sick for for a few days after eating them. As I recall, they got over it after a few days and were able to eat the roots without further problem.

The Jerusalem artichokes we had were always eaten cooked, pretty much as a sustitute for potatoes. Mustard and onion huh???

Ayuh...    Posted 11-15-2004 at 04:36:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
Forgot that part or I would have chimed in and warned you...

"Be aware that chokes, fresh or cooked, will cause gastric distress in most people, ie lots of gas."

Another site I found suggests taking 'Beano' (an over the counter enzyme) when eating 'chokes'...


awww, Salmoneye    Posted 11-15-2004 at 04:51:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
You either let me down or set me up! I kept waking myself up all night with tremendous "sound effects," and for once it wasn't snoring.

Well that answers *that* question. What a shame, cuz they tasted great. Guess my 100+ lb harvest is either going up for sale or to the compost bin...I imagine mixed in with a lot of chicken manure and straw they'll rot up good.


Sell em...?    Posted 11-15-2004 at 05:01:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Local Farmers Market, Organic Food CO-OP, or to a grocery...

There is a grocery next town up that would buy them in a minute...They buy darn near anything I bring them from Fiddleheads to rhubarb, berries etc...Still thinking of trying Shag-Bark Hickory nuts still in the shells...

Took me 10 hours last week to do a full pint of nut meat...


Bkeepr    Posted 11-15-2004 at 05:09:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks, good idea. There *is* an organic grocery in Frederick, our nearest "big city," and I hear those folk'll eat anything.


wonderful quote!    Posted 11-15-2004 at 04:58:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
John Goodyer, one of England's pioneer planters of the early 1600's wrote about them:

"But in my judgement, which way soever they be drest and eaten they stir up and cause a filthie loathesome stinking winde with the bodie, thereby causing the belly to bee much pained and tormented...".

Love that "filthie loathesome stinking winde" but I guess I'm easily amused.


deadcarp    Posted 11-15-2004 at 06:50:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
yeah some mornings suzn gets one whiff & sez "it's a wonder your (backside) ain't stuck to the ceiling like those party balloons."

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