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2days Farmer's Report
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 11-20-2004 at 18:01:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yesterday started out right enough, I awoke to greet another day of life. Fed the cats and moseyed on down the road. First stop cornfield and check the fence. It’s not quite right. Passed on it noticing the hay bale put out the night before was gone. But having had something to eat and not critical needs here I continued on down that road. I would be back. The hill topped barn mob was bright eyed/wide eared alert to my arrival. They always take an interest in my welfare a couple times a day. And, they wanted fed. Rain and grain don’t necessarily go together. The feed buckets getting wet the grain’s fines stick to the buckets sides and bottoms. Means cleaning often times between feedings. Between the heavier showers I manage to refill them after gratifying the critters in each pen. Some get urea sprinkles, some get added calf supplements, some get both and some neither. Having emptied and made pails anew and haying those what don’t have an assessable ringed large round hay bale I hit the road again.
Back at the cornfield the deer had knocked down the fence three times. One found insulator and two replacements later, the fence checked again for fire’s end, I turn these bovine critters loose. Once I got one or two’s attention as to what was in store for them, the stamped was on. This last action could have been a might easier had we still had some veteran cows in the lot. As it was there was but eight or nine that were yearlings the last they were on this farm.
Time grinding on, I made calls for more drugs, agreeing to meet my dealer in the middle of his block. I know, in the middle of the block, getting away is either this way or that: but, sneakily his establishment is backed up to the only alley in town. He he he!
Lunch! Then go to Doc’s office for Frieda’s referral slip including an address with a map. Stopped for my drugs and headed for home. A few moments later it was time to hit the road, after having made a shopping list. Thought it well as good a time to make a few extra stops as any.
Map in hand I knew where the place was; and, knew even an easier lightly traffic way of getting us there. Going in I carried a phone book. “What are going to do with that?” she asked me. “Memorize it!” I had offered, her giving me a look of doubting my sanity. “It’ll give me something to do!“ I exclaimed.
On time, perhaps earlier, they called her right in. I wasn’t invited to see them flapping parts of her anatomy slipped into the meat presses for their mamary glancing pictures. Sham to, I would have liked to seen this squeeze on thingys. But, I relegated myself to studying my phone book, liking the one under the Montgomery Ward catalogue I sat on when I was a kid at grand ma’s house once or twice for a Holiday feast. “Radio Shack” was what I wanted addresses for. Found two of them and on the way home as well. Good fortune. That was about all the time I had for. Frieda was coming out as I was looking the cover over one last time. Trading, “How did it go’s?” I remember her also asking, “So, How far did ya get?”
I got the cover down!” I bragged, “It says, Yellow Book!”
The old steel milk crate set, giggling, she climbed into the truck. From there we took on what was just commencing to be the 3:30PM factory traffic, taking another way home. I hate traffic, I used to be able to hold my own, but it seems as though everyone else on those streets was late getting somewhere and I’m holding up traffic? Bumper to bumper, and if I leave enough space between me and the car ahead of me to see his tires, some a$$hole has to slip in from either side to fill it. What the heck is the matter with these people? What’s the rush? Most likely all they’re going to do is sit again when they get to the other end.
Any way, only a couple miles we we’re closing on the first `RS’ address. It’s in a Mall. A half mile long. A mile all the way around. Not one sign on the whole dumb building to suggest where the shop may be at or nearest what entrance. POed, I decide to give this place up, hardly interested in a two mile walk to spend ten bucks, So I decides to leave. Leave? It wasn’t easy getting into this joint’s parking lot. Them traffic lanes filled with every which way stop signs. Ain’t got this many stops at the Cross Roads grocery store. And, I couldn’t find my way out of the parking lots. There was a bunch of them. I finally see an exit with traffic lights leading out onto the main road, a County/City road. But, I’m caught in another parking lot rimmed with curbs gutters lawns and trees. POed big time, so close, yet so far, I see an opportunity to take a short cut. An empty parking space, no tree in front of it, short grass (I might have thought different had it been a hay field). Looking to the left, looking to the right, no cops, no security personal, no stooges, I cut it straight-on no more looking for another way out, I sailed that `87 over the curbs and sod wheeling starboard and met the passing traffic on my terms, I was on the left side at the light.
Hanging a left, the traffic was as it was before, only the vehicles jockeying for position were different. Flashbacks of driving big city cabs soon returned. Pushing the peddle to the floor I showed a few some Chicago styled one tracked mind driving. Two moving parking spaces to the right I was where I needed to be leaning her up a bit for a hard right turn. A couple more miles the second address was coming up. Another right turn I was headed the wrong way. A right turn lane dead ahead I leaned the old girl into it, wheeled the corner right, a couple yards wheeled hard left `U’ing something no inexperienced driver shouldn’t have even tried at home, best part the light changing my new wayward approach, my never letting up the accelerator I was heading left. Eight/ten blocks the last address was shot/no good/defunct. The place had closed. A once nice little electronics shop a step or two from the parking spaces out front. That was the end of this hunter’s quest. Shucks, now I got to wait weeks probably before taking on Flint’s Southwest city’s continuous strip malls street where the traffic is even madder. Such as the day was until then, I had had it. We went home. Stopped a couple more times for a couple immediate needs, milk one of them.
Getting home, there’s still to much water in the basement. I had to look at this and found a cracked water line on the well supply line inside the storage tank. From what I could tell it’s been spraying water for the last week. Regardless whether I had or had not found it sooner, it needed fixing now. Looking it over, I opted for the hardware store rather than searching out stores scattered all over the farms for what was needed. A mental list of needs, I was on the cussed road again writing them on a pad beside me on the seat so I would know what I went after. It was getting late. Dark and needs for water not far away, dark and chores to do, the hardware closes to early, I had to continue the hustle. Well after dark it felt good finally coming in out of the rain, mud, a too long a day to welcoming kitchen smells and a wood fire in the stove. I was Home.
Taking up a solder’s cause on the internet, the evening didn’t last long and once supper was downed I was sleepy and what else? I retired!

Now, Today:
Rise and shine. A look for weather report and a friend shares a cup of coffee with me over the net, was postponed.
Rain out side weather reports confirming more, Breaking fast, and off the cats are fed down to the barn. On the road I look at the cattle, check fence and decide to come back. These guys got corn. The other end of the road Ransom’s fed, as are the steers, heifers, lumpy jaw and the last market ready steer. Filling pails the grain runs out. That made it corn grinding day. Bro’s late as usual. I take off. Time’s a waste waiting for him. I couple up the gravity feed wagon and head out. Pickup grinding supplements and top dressing supplements, do a bit of funning. Wearing my barnyard tux, suggesting to the lady clerk behind the counter, “Don’t be watching me.“ I had told her, “I’m naked under my clothes….” my hands in the pocket access openings either side the tux, “…my pants are falling down and I’m pulling them up.” The laughter out of the way I got my needed heifers supplements and calf primers and on the road again. Pulling into my home yard I step down parking it. Sneaked a coffee with Frieda before hitting the road again moving hay down to the relocated ladies for feeding backup. Rode the mile and better fence for deer knock downs and found all intact. A few minutes later this tractor parked and the pickup on the road again bro’s ready to move hay about his home yards and pens. Then we took up searching for the shorts I knew had to be somewhere knocking out the fences. Found and steps taken, noon had come and gone.
After lunch, supplies on hand, mud overflowing, I hooked the WD45 to the gravity feed wagon and taking it out to bringing it back for setup. Leland and the Brady mixer in place, supplements backed down for unloading the grain was ground, loaded and readied for transport. Shifting and shuffling the equipment all part of the grinding operation had been done once more.
A Saturday’s hour for a little male socializing I walked across the street. Rain had stopped my neighbors short of completing the last 220 acres of their bean harvest. (they cash crop 6,000acres). Naughtily smoke a couple cigarettes and came home. No beer as they where planning on sitting out a bit this evening for the big buck. Then it was getting on time to haul, position and park the grain handily in front of the barn holding this seasons heifers and steers. Chores out of the way, I home again after dark for a venison fresh vegetable stew for supper.
That’s been the last couple days.

KellyGa    Posted 11-21-2004 at 06:46:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Always something to do, something to fix, something to feed, grind, mow. You know, somebody said something about you retiring, but I think your kinda like Willie Nelson. You don't believe in sitting still. You sit still too long, you get antsy. You need that farm, it keeps your spirit up. :) Willie says he is gonna make music and play til he dies, and thats what has kept him around such a long time. He has way to much going on to pass on. You will be around for a long time to come Fern, and I for one, and glad of it. :) Treat Frieda nice now, she has been through a lot. Its traumatic having things mashed flat that ain't supposed to be!

I hate the mall. I will do just about anything to keep from going to the mall. Somebody told me its already crowded with all the Christmas shoppers, ugh, no thanks, I will stay away from that. I tellya, if we can get this 31 acres and house, we are never looking back. I never want to see a major highway again, crowded full of people in a hurry!

Willy-N    Posted 11-20-2004 at 18:55:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Fern you sure squeeze a lot of work into a few days! You better save some time for retirement and fun!! Mark H.

Alias    Posted 11-20-2004 at 18:18:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
Another good account by the grand ole upper michigan reporter, Fernan.

You done good senior, by the kid.

KatG    Posted 11-20-2004 at 18:17:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Matt and I both enjoy your journal are a busy man...KAtG

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