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Stopped smoking, anybody here been there?
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Butch(OH)    Posted 11-23-2004 at 17:55:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well after 31 years I have given up smoking chewing etc. Been 4 days now and I am over the hump for that craving for nicotine and nerves but how long before I will quit wanting a smoke after dinner? Cigaretes now smell foul to me which I think is a good sign but if one was handy I know Id smoke it after dinner. Does this last forever or do you eventialy completely loose the want for nicotine? Thanks.

Farmall    Posted 11-24-2004 at 19:57:03       [Reply]  [Send Email]

you eventually get to where you think people are stupid to still smoke, to where they couldnt give u a pack of cigggs just to see you smoke it. I smoke Phillip Morris first, and went to Camel, both non filter. When they raised the price of ciggs to $.50 a pk, We all raised hell. Some swore theyd roll there own, either manually or with a Lorado machine. I got a flip flop from Bugular when I was a kid, still got it. Anyway, I said if they raised it again, id quit, the guys setting with me in the break room all laughed and said, when they raised them again, id do just what theyed all do, poney up to the machine and pay the price, I said,m like hell. Well, I didnt figure theyed raise the price for 10 years or so. It wasnt a year or so and they were raising it again. Well, they said, whatcha gonna do now, he s gonna do just like were gonna do, others said, he s gonna pay the price. I had a partial pack of Camels in my pocket. the guy setting next to my right smoked Camel filters. U want these, I said. He looked astonished, but said he d take them. I gave that pk to him, and never smoked another.

~Lenore    Posted 11-24-2004 at 08:42:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
I started smoking in college. There were ashtrays in the class rooms!! It impressed me as the cool mature thing to do, I was just seventeen at the time.
Well some years later the news started talking about how they caused cancer! I read an article in Readers Digest titled "The Man Who Wrote His Own Obituary". This man was only 37 years old and was dying of lung cancer and it was inoperable. He had a wife and young children and the article really affected me. I closed the magazine and lite a cigaret.

Several months later I got it out again read it again and decided to quit. My husband had been wanting us to quit. So when he came home that day I told him I would quit smoking with him. It took about three or four weeks before I could drink a cup of coffee or eat a meal or make love without that overwhelming urge to light up.

It keeps getting easier as you go along. I did keep a supply of candy flavored life savors on hand for a while.

I used to have the most awful sinus and allergy problems and blamed it on rag weed or whatever was in the air at that time. Since I quit I do not have those horrible days of wishing I could just cut my nose off my face!! I do have occasional allergy days but now it is really pollen or mold spores causeing it, not cigarets.

I did get angry at my now "ex" once and started smoking again. I did for about a year. Quitting that time was harder than the first time. So after you succeed don't ever give in to that thought to "try one" again. They are not as "good" as you remember and you can get hooked again.

Hang in there, you can do it. I made a decission no matter what happens, disasters, family deaths, finacial loss, I will never smoke another one!

Rickstir    Posted 11-24-2004 at 07:56:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
I quit 22 years ago after smoking for 18 years. Never missed it. Strangest thing was to dream I was smoking. I did that for about 10 years. You know the ole saying, "there is nothing worse than a reformed smoker". That's me.

Bkeepr    Posted 11-24-2004 at 04:38:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nicotine is tough.

I quit cigarettes about 30 years ago and never missed them...they smell foul and the smoke really bothers me. I did try one once a few years after I quit and it made me sick.

On the other hand, I quit dipping snuff about 20 years ago and have never stopped missing it at times. When I'm mowing the lawn or on the tractor, I'd still dip if I had a can. Only thing that stops me from buying one is the thought that my kids or grandkids might start because I do it.

Good luck!

Old John    Posted 11-24-2004 at 06:21:43       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Yup, miss the Nicotine.
It has been five years, this time.

I quit once for 15 yrs. Then took up
menthol cigarettes for about 5 or 6 yrs.
quit again, for several years.

When I turned 55, I went back, again,
but with a Pipe.
I LOVE the smell of Captain Black, burning
in a Pipe. The AROMA is just heavenly.

Doc said, 5 years ago, that with the asthma,
it'd kill me. So, I quit.
I ALWAYS could smoke, or not smoke, as I
chose, anytime.
I do MISS my Pipes, in the rainy mornings,
in the evening, out on the deck, after a nice, wholesome, full dinner, with a cup of hot coffee, & a little glass of "Irish". But, never, in a hurry.

One of the "Finer" things in Life, a nice, quiet smoke. 'Specially a Pipe or a fine Cigar.
Makes a man feel good, complete, at peace........
'Til Later,
Old John

Ret    Posted 11-24-2004 at 07:26:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
you sure hit it right on the head about a pipe. Got to be about the most satisfying enjoyment just to sit back and relax with your pipe.Think I smoked Middleton five, been so long I can't remember. And yesssss, I sure do miss it

deadcarp    Posted 11-23-2004 at 22:56:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
i quit this time after my second stroke - not sure i'll ever shed this dang wheelchair but now i'm convinced we only have so many limbs to ruin. :)

Melanie    Posted 11-23-2004 at 23:04:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yes you will, yes you will shed that wheelchair... I'm still convinced of it, deadcarp.

Zenia    Posted 11-23-2004 at 20:27:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ever drink orange juice right after brushing your teeth? Tastes really bad. Smoke was the same way. Granted, I only smoked for a couple of years, and I quit 24 years ago. When I craved a cigarette, I brushed my teeth. Cigarettes taste better when your mouth is not clean. Also avoiding triggers, like alcohol, helped.

Good luck, you can do it! My mother quit cold turkey after 35 years. After a week in the hospital because of angina, she figured if she could go a week she could quit. Also the fear of death motivated her. She lived 10 years more.

Butch(OH)    Posted 11-23-2004 at 19:42:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have never even tried to quit before, always figured oh well, gonna die of something. Hardest time was like 15 miutes after my last one and that first night when I got by wonderfully on about 3 hours sleep. Sleep is back to normal already, coffee tastes better in the morning as does my doenut. Wifes cooking tastes,,, well I cant tell a lie,, LOL. Doc said forget the darn patches and gums the only keep you hooked on the drug. I figured on torture for weeks but It gets much easier everytime I resist the urge. The support here means a lot and I mean that, hope I can return the favor some day.

ron,ar    Posted 11-23-2004 at 19:07:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
you can do it, I gave up cigars and my wife gave up cigarettes. I only smoked about five years but she smoked 30 years before she quit. She has not smoked in five years now. We both know how much better we SMELL and the house too! plus our doctors are happier:^)
We are pulling for you!

Alias    Posted 11-23-2004 at 19:02:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Butch, You can do it. I know you can. So, don't give up and don't look back. Your health is more important than tobacco company profits.

Now, I quit on the 23 day of May 2003. 'Course, I had some help. You see I had tried and tried to quit but without success. But, on the 23rd I called on God for help and he heard my prayer and I haven't smoked since. Now, what's so surprising is that I suffered no withdrawal or craving or anything associated with quitting. Honestly, it was one of the easiest things I have ever experienced.

Now, what makes it so unbelievable is that I had been smoking for about 53 or so years and I was burning about 3 packs a day. And, to go from that many to none without side effects was wonderful.
just remember, with God all things are possible........gfp
PS: I'm breathing a lot freer now.

JB    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:43:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Quit in '84, and for the first 2 months it was a sort of continuous battle, then one day I found I didn't think about a smoke till afternoon, and I knew I had it whupped. Seemed like about 7 months was when I would go a day or so without thinking about em, at least occasionally, unless I was around a smoker. I had to go in for surgery about 10 years ago, and had xrays, and when the anesthesist was talking to me, he said, 'Your lungs look good, but then, you've never smoked, have you?' I told him I smoked for 27 years, and he was amazed. Said it only goes to prove what the human body will repair, given half a chance. I am pulling for you to make it.. it's a great feeling.

Steve from TN    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:42:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Lessee....I was 27 and I'm 57..That was about 30 years ago that I laid 'em down. I just kept telling myself,"I'm a nonsmoker now." Every time I would reach for one, I would say it again. I was proud to be among the ranks of the non-puffers. I don't feel better than those who smoke; I feel sympathy for them 'cause I have been there. Good luck. Get up every morning and say,"I'm a non-smoker." It worked fer me.

Alvin NE WI    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:34:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Keep it up. Quit 16 yrs ago cold turkey after gettin started on the gov. free cigs in '50. Used the ones without the filter. Sure makes me feel good when at VA clinic and they ask if i smoke, and I can say nope quit by myself.
Usually when Doc tells you to quit, it is too late. Just do it one day at a time and no change in pocket to buy at machine at work. Alvin

mojo    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:30:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I stopped the 4th of this month. So far so good but I do have a cigar on my 40 mile drive to work and occasionally when something I've done "warrants" it (good or bad). Even that is becoming distasteful to me. Not too tough but the first 1/2 hour of the day is still tempting.

Oh yes, and I did find a pack in a coat I'd forgotten about so I smoked them in the woods one day while hunting. Things must have been two years old...YUCK! But I didn't "waste" them.8^D

You can make it. Sooner or later everyone quits them.


Les    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:05:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
You can do it. I dunnit. Salmoneye and REt are right.

Salmoneye    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:01:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
More than a year now for me...Stopped cold turkey from rolling 60-80 per day and that was a 25+ year habit...I still 'want' one now and then, but it is more 'habit' than craving...

I went through about 3 bags of lemon drops and 5 packs of those really small (and really hot) Certs the first 2 weeks...After that it was pretty easy and remains easy...

I even still hang out in the evening for a couple hours with some pretty heavy smokers and I am not tempted...

Stick with it...It is not as hard as you think, and we are here if you need to chat...

ret    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:00:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
a cigar in 86, still got the package with the rest in it. Never lost the urge to light up again, but haven't. Some lose it, some don't. Will tell you one thing, you got to do it cold turkey, Good luck

UncleTom    Posted 11-23-2004 at 18:27:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Its been atleast 15 years ago the wife and i quit the same day. Still married to tell about it too. Its not easy but well worth it. It stinks now and cant stand the smell. Even when people come to our house that smoke they just reek from the smoke. You dont notice that if your a smoker. The sense of smell and taste is much better after a few weeks of not smoking. Use to reach for the shirt pocket all the time only to find it empty even after a few months time. Its in the mind i think. Hang in there, congradulations.

Aprille    Posted 11-23-2004 at 19:00:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi..congrats!! It is SO very hard to quit and you should be VERY proud of yourself..I quit 1 yr and 11 monthes ago on New boy's b-day! It was his b-day wish..I am now the WORST ex smoker..I believe in taking it one day at a time..I asked God for help altho I am not deeply religious. It just happens that I knew how hard it would be to quit for good so I just told God that I needed a bit of help..and I have not looked back. I find when I see my brand of cigs I don't CRAVE it but tend to wonder how I held them..looks funny to me now. The smell is so disgusting to me now I cannot imagine why I didn't smell it before..U can do this..I have faith..U never lose the urge but the need will not be an issue..

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