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Makes ya wonder.........
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DD    Posted 12-06-2004 at 20:59:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
To take the poll talked about in this issue click the link below:

Heíll Be Back

This is an unusual MountainWings. This concerns the President.

No, not the current one, the next one.

What do you think about President Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In the movie, ďDemolition ManĒ starring Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock, Ms. Bullock indicates that the former President was Schwarzenegger.

To listen to a 90 second audio clip from the movie,
ďDemolition ManĒ click >

The movie was about a famous police officer (Stallone) and a notorious criminal (Wesley Snipes) frozen for 40 years in a cryogenic prison. They were both defrosted in 2032.

They also didnít use money; everyone except the criminal had a biochip implanted in their hand.

This is an excerpt from the conversation between Stallone and Bullock.

Bullock: Iíve been and enthusiast of your escapades for quite some time now. I had in fact perused some newsreels from the Schwarzenegger library and that time that you took that car...

Stallone: Hold it! The Schwarzenegger library?

Bullock: Yes, the Schwarzenegger Presidential library. Wasnít he an actor when you...

Stallone: Stop! He was President?

Bullock: Yes, even though he was not born in this country his popularity at the time caused the 61st amendment which states that...

Stallone: I donít want to know. (sighs) President!

Remember Reagan was an actor from California and he only starred in B movies. Gov. Schwarzenegger is an A list actor.

The question is this:
Is the movie prophetic, on both the biochip and the future President or just a coincidental screen line and theme, or does someone know something we donít?

Another interesting question is, if Schwarzenegger were in the recent Presidential race, against either Bush or Kerry, would you have voted for him?

I think it would be interesting to see the results of a poll among the MountainWings readers. The poll asks if Arnold Schwarzenegger were running against either of them, who would you vote for?

To take or see the results of the poll, click below:

By the way, Demolition Man also had Jesse Ventura in it, the former wrestler who won the governorship of Minnesota in 1995.

The U.S. Constitution still requires that the President be a natural born citizen so there is no 61st Amendment.

On the other hand, Senator Orin Hatch has tried to get such an amendment that anyone who has been a citizen for at least 20 years be allowed to run for president.

Demolition Man was released in 1993.

Whether you take this poll or not, it sure gives you something to think about concerning the choices you might have next election.

To listen to a 90 second audio clip from the movie,
ďDemolition ManĒ click >

I actually wrote this MountainWings issue before the Presidential election but decided against running it. The question about amending the constitution for Arnold was just on the front page
of USA Today so maybe now is a good time for the question.

So take the poll and see what others think.

~A MountainWings Original~

The USA Today article on Arnold:

The BBC article on the biochip:

Note: Donít worry, MountainWings isnít turning into a political platform but as usual, MountainWings gives you something to
think about that you just didnít quite expect.

Red Dave    Posted 12-07-2004 at 08:00:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
I happen to resent the presumption that there is nobody "homegrown" that's good enough.

Besides, I think that provision of the Constitution serves a good purpose and I'm not willing to change it just because it's fashionable.

Fawteen    Posted 12-07-2004 at 04:01:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you're serious, I have a rant for you.

If you're just kidding around, I suspect it'd be funnier if it wasn't so possible...":^(

DD    Posted 12-07-2004 at 09:24:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was just sharing something here that was shared with me. I didn't post it to get a bunch of arguing started and I hope no one took it in that spirit either : )

Red Dave    Posted 12-07-2004 at 10:03:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
I know you're not trying to get something going DD. You're not that way and I know it.

I've seen this notion before about "President Ahnold" and I just think it's silly.

Often, my typed words come across less diplomaticly than the thoughts in my head intend them to be. For that, I apologise ;)

The Governator...    Posted 12-06-2004 at 21:16:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
is what he's called here in California. So far I don't think the Governator has impressed us much. But then, Raygun went on to become President. Strange things happen.

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