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Country Discussion Topics
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Pressure Cooker
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Fatback    Posted 05-13-2002 at 14:42:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
It is time to retire my pressure cooker- do y'all have any brand suggestions? Web sites? Need canning size.

Hal/WA    Posted 05-15-2002 at 16:44:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
You don't say why it is time to retire the pressure cooker. The ones I have experience with are pretty tough and durable. About the only things to go wrong on them are the rubber sealing ring, the gauge and on some models, the blow-out plug. Most of the time just turning the rubber ring over and reoiling it will give an acceptable seal. If not, a new rubber ring is not expensive or hard to find. Same with a new gauge. It also used to be possible to have the County Extension office test a pressure cooker for safety and accuracy, but we have not checked on that for years. I suppose a pressure cooker could be corroded by leaving acid foods in it for a long time and I have heard of them exploding from gross overheating, but I have never seen one that had exploded.

I have not really looked over the new pressure cookers, but saw that they are costly. We have 3 or 4 of the old units that we use every year. They have been updated with new gauges and rings, but work just about as well as they ever did. I can see no reason to buy new--I see good old ones in second hand stores occasionally. The ones we have will probably last much longer than we will live and will serve our kids just as well.

Tom A    Posted 05-14-2002 at 04:10:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We got an All American from Lehman's and I'd recommend it highly. Made by the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co in Wisconsin (USA!).

It is built like a tank. The mating surfaces between lid and pot are machined so well they don't need a rubber just rub a little cooking oil on the surface every few loads to keep 'em from sticking together. It has dual controls--dial gage and weights--with a couple of other safety valves so you can feel safe even if you don't 'trust' pressure cookers. Weight settings give you 1, 5, 10, and 15 psi. They make several sizes that can handle just a few quart jars on up to a bunch of 1/2 gallons.

You can check out the description at Lehman's web site or in their catalog, but we've canned a bunch in ours now and Mrs A and I both feel it was well worth the money.


PCC-AL    Posted 05-13-2002 at 15:20:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Fatback,
Do you plan to get a cooker or a canner?
I have a 8 quart/16 pint canner by Mirror that is easy as pie to use. It came with a book that tells pressure and heating time for various foods. I like the round weight pressure release that lets the steam off as it jiggles. With this type release, it's almost impossible to have explosion problems. That is as long as you check the hole to make sure it's not clogged.
I have a very old canner of the same size with a pressure guage and manual steam release. It could be dangerous, except the guage and release both leak steam. I purposely have not repaired these for safety concerns. With the leaks, I can't get over 15 lbs of pressure, but that's enough for tomatoes.
Finally, I have a Cuisinart cooker that holds about two quarts of food. It's nice for preparing meals, but Cuisinart brand seems a little pricey to me. All in all, I think Mirror is a good brand, but there are probably others too. Good luck.

Fatback    Posted 05-13-2002 at 16:28:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
PCC-AL I do not know the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner other than size. My old Mirror is a 21 quart pressure canner. My small pressure cooker is a 6 quart Presto. Both are made alike with a gauge on top. They do the same job- I think? Maybe both of mine are canners.

I have a Cuisinart coffee maker that grinds beans and brews coffee in one step- makes a great pot of coffee, but as you said Cuisinart is costly.

Yep, size is the difference-PCC-AL    Posted 05-13-2002 at 16:36:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Speaking of coffee makers, I still have my dad's old drip pot that cost about 3 bucks in the 60's. I think the old time drip coffee was the best I ever had, but it just may be my memory. Good luck.

Burrhead    Posted 05-13-2002 at 16:15:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
I got Ma Burr one like that. She likes it.

When it needed a seal she found one at WalMart for it. They got the seals and pressure regulators for the different size

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