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Marriage License question
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MikeT    Posted 12-26-2004 at 10:27:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]
No, I'm not getting married! But......

Have you ever wondered why local and/or state agencies provide such a thing as a marriage license? What business of theirs is it? And, why do public officials perform marriage ceremonies? And, why does the Internal Revenue Service have such a thing as a Joint Tax Return? Isn't that supporting basically a church issue?

Shouldn't the joining of two people in HOLY matrimony be just their business and of whatever religion they profess?

Would this type of separation of church and state cure a lot of the current problems? Such as g-a-y marriages? Hey, if two people of the same s-e-x want to live together then I could care less. But I'll be danged if they should get a tax break for what my religion considers to be a sin. I would forego my tax break to resolve this issue (if it would).

So, in your opinion, should marriage license's be required by state or local governments? Why?

Should married people get an IRS Tax break? Why?

Should public officials perform marriage ceremonies? Why?

Now, before you flame me on this, I'm just asking some basic questions that maybe need asking. Marriage is a very old institution and very sacred to many. Much older than this country.

Sorry about the dashes above. The censor objected.

Rickstir    Posted 12-27-2004 at 06:42:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
You will not find the statement "separation of church and state" in the consititution. You will find "no state sponsored religion". The liberal judges have twisted the meaning to suit their agenda. There is no Church of the United States that everyone must attend. That is what the ammendment was all about because our forefathers did not want another Church of England. Everytime a municipality has to take down a nativity scene it makes my blood boil. The US Supreme court has the 10 commandments on its building, but they get to keep it. The court and congress starts each session with a prayer. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread.

deadcarp    Posted 12-26-2004 at 17:05:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
you're right - most of our laws were dragged along overseas then updated by a white protestant group to reflect the "then-majority of" us. it's only natural to expect them to try to eliminate competition by then writing more laws to keep the vatican and allah etc away. we're in power, leave us alone. :)

Looking    Posted 12-26-2004 at 17:03:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
at the big picture,licensing probably goes back to king or chief authorizing marriages,but in later society:
1:Gov't grants authority to minister/civil servant to conduct marriages.
2:Record of marriage important in ownership of property,personal possessions,survivor inheritance,taxes on estates and such.
3:Prior to DNA,ancestoral and marriage records was important issue in civil procedings involving wills,insurance benefits.
4:In many areas marriage license application and required blood test was(considered)means of preventing incestuous marriages and controlling spread of social and hereditary medical and mental diseases for public benefit.
As to taxation,our society provides many services to it's citizens,a record of the number of married vs single citizens in a given venue related directly to no of offspring who would be utilizing these services,such as schools,public facilities,roadways,electric and water/sewer systems,hospitals and emergency services etc.
Census information gather regularily gathers this type info also,along with statistical data on age,ethnicity,health,housing,income for an ongoing planning of societal needs.

BW    Posted 12-26-2004 at 16:56:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Religion has nothing to do with it ,,,, it's the fee's and tax issues that are the only reason and the worped Idea of PC'ness that has made this such a topic ,,,, most churchs have answered the issue some will most will not "marry" them .... I do not object to it , but have issue with the idea if you are a special group you get special laws...
bill g.

BobInMN    Posted 12-26-2004 at 15:50:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
How about this one. If I buy a hunting license in Minnesota I can not hunt with it in Wisconsin. Does that mean if I buy a marriage license in Minnesota I'm not married if I cross the line into Wisconsin. LOL, just kidding.

Zenia    Posted 12-26-2004 at 20:34:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
That only applies to some people... Gay marriage will be recognized in Canada but not when they cross the border into the US...

Zenia    Posted 12-26-2004 at 15:09:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Lots of questions there! I'll tackle the Holy Matrimony one first. If you are married in a church under your religion and your God, then are you not married in the eyes of God? So why is it necessary to have it also sanctioned by the state? There is no such law.

Unless you want the benefits of the institution of marriage. Then it gets into all of your other questions. Why should the state get involved? It is in the interest of the state to support marriage, and the family. For one thing, in the past it was horribly difficult for women to get any real paying, meaningful job and without legal responsibility, too easy for men to walk. Nowadays, we women are not dependent on men - thank you so much to all the women who suffered before me!!

Got company, I'll come back...

SusieQ    Posted 12-26-2004 at 17:14:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Marriage is just like a business, you have to file the papers, all legal like. Period/

RayNC    Posted 12-26-2004 at 11:52:54       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I got married in Pender County NC a few years back and the 3rd question on the marriage license application was..."Are you closer in kin than 3rd cousins?". The wife and I still joke about it today.

oslo in nc    Posted 12-26-2004 at 13:50:48       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Paul D.

Randy    Posted 12-26-2004 at 17:36:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Now that is funny. Don't remember them asking us that up here. Hmmmmmmm.
Gotta go, Deliverance is on.

DD    Posted 12-26-2004 at 10:45:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mike, I think there are some good questions there too but mine is in reference to your question about Married couples getting a tax break from the IRS. Where does that leave folks like me, a single working Mom who gets no State Ordered Child Support? If you call to turn them in for Non-Payment then you're told that they won't help you until they are $5,000 behind in back support. At only $180.00 a month (based on minimum wage because I didn't know how much he was making at the time) it'll take so long to reach that figure that it's just not worth the hassle. Should I be penalized and not get a tax break just because I'm single and not Married? It's the same with car insurance. Get divorced and see if your rates don't go up. It's like alot of other things in this life, it's just not fair but we hold our heads high and make the best of a bad situation sometimes. I'll be curious to see the replies to your original post though : )

Zenia    Posted 12-26-2004 at 15:02:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Don't you file as Head of Household? Since you aren't getting child support, you don't need to claim it as income of course. I am also a single mother, and have not ever received any form of child support. I think Head of Household has a higher tax break than married. Plus I can itemize $6,000.00/ year tax deductable childcare, and then there is the child tax refund. I think it was $1,000.00 for my two last year, $800.00 the year prior. This year it will be included in my April deductions.

It must be tough to be in your situation. You may need that extra money, and if you were dependant at all on the state the DA would get it for you. But you are obviously self-sufficient so there is no help. That is not fair, either.

DD    Posted 12-26-2004 at 15:46:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
I am self sufficient in that since I've held onto a steady job for the last 18 years the state feels like I'm "steady" and would only give me any help if I had jumped from job to job or have many illegitmate children. They will tell you this straight out. Also they base everything on what you gross, not what you actually get to bring home and I always get tore up in taxes because I claim single with no dependents. I have gotten the Child Credit/deduction for the last several years but was told that women aren't considered as head of household here even if we are single. I won't be able to claim any childcare in that I'm Truly Blessed to have my retired Dad be able to drop off and pick up my child from school each day which takes a lot of worry off me. I'm thinking after reading your post that I need to do some more researching now, Thanks for the info. Zenia : )

Zenia    Posted 12-26-2004 at 20:33:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Do you live in the United States? If so it does not matter what state you live in, you can most definitely claim Head of Household if you have dependents, unless someone else is dependant on you. Gender has nothing to do with federal taxation. Even if you received child support, you would still qualify as head of household if you can claim your children as dependents. I would research it more, definitely, you might be due a larger tax refund from prior years. Single is the highest tax bracket.

Good luck!

Vic in Kenefick    Posted 12-26-2004 at 10:42:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
I had to buy a marriage licenses when Maggie and I got hitched. I ask the woman at the tax office if the marriage did not last could I get a refund.....and she got mad at me.....go figure!!!

Fern(Mi)    Posted 12-26-2004 at 10:54:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
Forgetting about money, Frieda and I went Dutch on the marriage license. She's kept it hid ever since, letting see it every so once in a while over the years herself never letting go.
Do ya think she's holding the fact of it over my head?

Vic in Kenefick    Posted 12-26-2004 at 13:40:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
yepp! they will do that

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