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Pooped Farm Report
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 01-03-2005 at 16:58:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Been so d@mned busy trying to take advantage of unusual warm spell, the last week/ten days, my a$$ is fairly well dragging by the time I get into the house. Then its eating, falling asleep, and back up and at it the next morning. The pickup truck has taken what time is left of each given day after tending animals. And, it still ainít right. Brakes are still iffy, the left hand fuel cell is holey shot (happen to have a new replacement on hand), and, the ball joints ainít looking any better. Canít stand using somebody elseís wheels. Although, it looks like itíll be that way again in a few days.

Had to break off from the pickup repairs and clean the barn. Getting so deep the gates are dragging. What really gets me down (or bent) is when the offal mess gets so high Iím knocking my noggin on the rafters. So that has been the gist of it the last few days.

For myself; the bones, innards, and a better look at life; I have three med appointments over the next three days. Whoopee! Two of them will go smoothly enough. The one in the middle I gets the time to cool my heals in a good novel. Been times I could read a whole book while sitting in a time sucking waiting room.

Now Iím wondering if I could get in and out that gold diggers mine any quicker if I were to scatter some of my old PBís around the waiting room????? (grin) And, see what happens????????

So, that has been it!!


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