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Country Discussion Topics
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The coming ice age.
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Iceman    Posted 05-18-2002 at 01:29:50       [Reply]  [No Email]
I gave you a heads up re. the coming ice age and this was a typical response:

"I like your philsophy Mark,what comes,comes.Deal with it life is short why worry about something you can't change "

I thought I'd get a more positive response, but I guess y'all just want to give up. Only 10% of the people survive ice ages. Why not prepare yourselves now? ((((think)))))

CJ    Posted 09-07-2002 at 14:40:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
Perhaps if people were less concerned about the coming ice age(We're all going to freeze!)/global warming(we're all going to cook!)/ meteors from space(extinction of all life on earth!) then we could spend more time coming up with the solutions to problems that we have now. Like ENRON, the loss of family farms, the intrusion of salt and other poisons in farm land and watering holes, massive unemployment, reducing costs to farmers, profit snatching conmen in every aspect of business. Why is it so much easier to worry about an ice-age and not solutions to pay the next mortgage payment for people. (If you end up homeless and it's winter, it may as well be an ice age.) How can we solve the differences between a hand up and a hand out. I have lived a hard life and have had to actually eat the roots and berries that grow out there. I know what it is to have to catch something or go hungry. Could we stop worrying about what might happen (according to whatever scientific theory that people are following this week) and find solutions to what is right under our noses, right now. If the ice comes, it comes. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Since I'm mortal and will die of something one of these days, I have a hard time working up the juice to worry that far in advance. There isn't enough precipitation here to freeze. This part of South Dakota will pretty much stay the same. Bare, rocky, dry, and wind blown.

June in SD    Posted 09-07-2002 at 09:35:46       [Reply]  [Send Email]
What's to worry.

Consider overcrowding in the big cities. Consider crooked Politicians.
Consider Crooked Big business.
Consider self sufficient country people. Yeah, I'll miss TV, computers, telephones, cars, pickups, But I been there, done that, got that tee shirt already. Know how to build a warm house out of the materials around me. So tell me which 25% is likely to survive.
Start reading, learning, and doing boys and girls, then you too can sleep when the wind blows and not worry.

I suppose if I tried I could find something else to worry about, kraig WY    Posted 05-18-2002 at 13:01:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
But dieing in an ice age ain't at the top of the list.

Fred Tx    Posted 05-18-2002 at 11:29:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
An like I said before, "Send it on down to Texas this summer and we will melt that sucker clear back to the North Pole.

We could have winter olympics all year long. Yeah.

Greg VT    Posted 05-18-2002 at 10:56:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
The next ice age has been coming since the last one ended. I am always amazed at the arrogance of certain segments of the human species who seem to believe that our actions on this planet have anything more then a minimal impact on the destiny of this planet. We are nothing more then a horsefly buzzing around Mother Nature's head as she is hanging out the wash.

Like I said to your first post... Just Mama Nature doing a little spring cleaning.

Nathan(GA)    Posted 05-18-2002 at 09:46:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
I thought the experts said the ice was melting.

I'll go dig that coat out of storage again. Didn't even use it this winter.

Thanks for the heads up!

DeadCarp    Posted 05-18-2002 at 08:21:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well thanks for the warning Iceman. I think maybe the responses don't reflect skepticism, but rather an awareness of our inability to re-direct a natural event. If we can't steer tornadoes, how much could we do to prevent something as global as an ice-age? As for evidence, our water table right now is about a foot & a half low, from lack of winter snow. Doesn't predict any falling skies from where i sit........ Any suggestions?

Mark W    Posted 05-18-2002 at 07:50:29       [Reply]  [Send Email]
The ice age has arrived! There's 2 inches of snow on the ground, and it's still coming down. I planted sweet corn, last week; cut asparagus last night. This in the Schoharie Valley in upstate N.Y.. What a weird year this has been.

Mark Hendershot    Posted 05-18-2002 at 07:13:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
Severl years ago a guy on Art Bells show said Califorina and the west coast was going to fall into the sea? It did not happen in the time line he said, now they talk about New York having a tidal wave going over the top of it. Think about it. Some one says something based on a idea should we all pack up and move? A Ice age would not happen over night and I am sure if it started to get real cold it would hit further up north first. I allways have two years worth of wood on hand and a years worth of food put away anyway so I guess I am ready for a few hard times. Got lots of bullets to keep what I have and plenty of jacket to keep warm with due to the fact it gets sometimes 85 below wind chill in the winter around here. I have snow tires, 4X4s, tire chains, High Clearence Truck, Snow plow, Snow Blower, biulding set up with storm doors, generator, ect. ect. and that is just for normal living. What would you figure I should do to be more prepared for winter. Where do you live? I have wood heat and plenty of trees to cut for heat on my place, heck I can bust up the funiture if I need it to heat the house. I also have 6,000 gals of water stored along with my own well for more, cows I can eat. I think you will find Country folks are more prepared than you think for things that can go wrong. It is the people in the city I feel sorry for, at least I can defend my place since I can see them coming for a long ways and the 20 power scope allows me to reach out and touch someone.Mark H.

June in SD    Posted 09-07-2002 at 09:57:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
NYC is supposed to go by earthquake, Albany by fire, and Boston by tidal wave. LA is supposed to move to SanF which is supposed to move to CAN. Can't they stop trying to give parts of the USA to CAN, they obviously don't want it. Not that much aspirin and ibuprophen on the continent. And the sides of FL are supposed to fall off, US 1 and US 19 and all of the snowbirds are trying to make that happen. But until it does, I'm not going to worry or grieve, because I can't stop it. We are having a hard enough time trying to persuade one old friend to move up here where the living is a heck of a lot easier (5 cars constitutes a pile of traffic) and our big worry is getting through Rally. and she keeps saying but All that snow. No problem. Why I remember one ice storm in FL where a bunch of people at Georgia Pacific were trying to melt the ice off their windshields by throwing hot water on it. May I suggest a salt shaker the next time. Except for the first two or three snows and the last one. We can generally blow the snow off, it is so dry. Oh you don't have to believe me. but the folks in MN, MT, SD, and ND know what I mean. They are called snow drifts and only wet snow is heavy. and there really is such a thing as dry snow.

DeadCarp - city people    Posted 05-18-2002 at 08:42:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
My survivalist dad used to say we not only should be prepared to feed our own families but the hundreds of lost souls who would inevitibly be flocking our way.

For example, let's look at one place that has blithely placed itself in a rather precarious situation - the earthquake-prone city of LA has about 15 million people in it: Every one of those people WILL die in 5 days without water. And IF it's contaminated or disrupted, there ISN'T adequate water within hundreds of miles! There are i think a total of 5 supply pipes and 8 freeways out of town. If that doesn't worry you, start doing the math.

Personally, i feel sorry for anybody dumb enough to stay that far from a lousy week's survival. Any kinda major disaster - How many would be able to switch from comfort to survival? How many would reach water? How many would eat a lizard or vulture? How much food is available? How many know how to gather dew? In short, we'd hafta write most of them off. Country people are miles ahead of that pinch.

Mark Hendershot    Posted 05-18-2002 at 10:50:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
We have a system worked out up here. Blow the road closed, one way in. Stick together as a group and we each have something to do to make it all work. I can't feed the world and they are real dumb if they think everybody is going to. Mark H.

BOSS    Posted 05-18-2002 at 06:46:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Only 10% of people survive iceages ??? where did they get their info to come up with that?? I believe with the advancements in science and ALL other areas, we would all survive an iceage. Hell, we have thinsulate now !!!!!!
I have worked outside for 20 years, just the advancements in that time for working outside is amazing. I live in Michigan, every winter we are in an iceage, I have worked outside all day in 62 below zero, without much of a problem.
You say an iceage is coming, but the people are yelling global warming alittle louder, who is right ??

John in Maryland    Posted 05-18-2002 at 07:29:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm not a tree hugger or anything, but they say that the ultimate effect of global warming is glaciation. Says w/all the snow melting releases more moisture in the air thus having alot more snow everywhere, etc. I ain't sure I believe it, just telling you what they taught me. There are obviously different views on this by scientists, and who knows what is correct. No one has studied it or lived through it to know. For all we know global warming is nothing, just a natural flucuation in the earths atmosphere.

Slo    Posted 05-18-2002 at 06:35:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Old fella I knew always said the one thing he knew for sure about life was that he wasn't going to get out of it alive.

His advice was to plan for the future some, but to live for today always.

What kind of life does one have if all they do is worry about the things they can't control or change?

John in Maryland    Posted 05-18-2002 at 05:43:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, being as I just got a degree in Environmental Studies, we discussed many topics, including this one. There are lots of factors that may or may not be contributing, but many are natural or even man made, but generally are out of our control. Not much more I can do I guess, I just got new mud/snow tires on my truck last week, and I guess I'll cut more firewood, but then, burning it releases CO2 into the atmosphere. Oh well, gotta be warm.

F14    Posted 05-18-2002 at 04:04:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
I got a 5 gallon bucket of martini's mixed up, BRING ON THE ICE!

June in SD    Posted 09-07-2002 at 10:10:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Amen, brother. I do like those martinis. Got my own recipe for gin and if anyone with a horse and a sleigh is available I know how to put ice away for springtime for more martinis and to help that fellow with all those cows make icecream.

Grove r    Posted 05-18-2002 at 10:02:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
{yawn.....] Will you guys please hold it down.... just got off nite shift and trying to catch a few z's....Mark and I were just joking about the ice age..and besides.. wake me if it does come.....sure would hate to sleep through this one too.....nite all...R.E.L.ZZZZZZZZZZ!

jamo    Posted 05-18-2002 at 04:13:36       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I'll take mine with and olive please

balh    Posted 03-07-2004 at 22:45:52       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Just wanted to note that an ice-age would be a result to global warming - can't forget about geography in 4th grade and the great convayor belt thingy (The water one shesh).

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