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In floor hot water heating
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JB    Posted 01-09-2005 at 07:59:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have radiant hot water heat in my house that I installed myself. I have put on a four season porch that I want to heat with in floor hot water heat. I want to lay down tubeing on the plywood sub floor then pour gypcrete or light weight concrete on top of the tubeing to bring the floor up to the correct elevation. I was told that this type of floor will only give off 45 to 50 btus per square foot no matter how many feet of tubeing you put in the floor. This 45 to 50 btus is when the floor temperature is 85 degrees. I assume the water temperature is 120 to get the floor to 85. Does anyone know how to determine the heat loss on windows, or how to determine how many btus you will need to heat a room. And how to determine how many feet and what diamenter of tubeing you need in a room to get your 45 to 50 btus per square foot. Or is there a web site that will give you this information? What I have found so far is a lot of web sites that want to sell you what they have. Any help would be appreciated

bulldinkie    Posted 01-09-2005 at 13:15:34       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My husband put it in our entire house.We did ours about 12 years ago.You know they put this under sidewalks etc to melt snow.?Were gonna put it in dog kennel.I also have it under a brick floor to which a concrete slab was poured under it.

talltines    Posted 01-09-2005 at 10:06:19       [Reply]  [Send Email]
i just put in radiant heat in my new house, and i bought all the stuff from
they dont do any installations just sell and design the systems. the are very friendly and if you call them on the phone you can just tell them what your plans are and they will design it for you for free. they really just try to help. its located in lindonville vermont, and when i ordered my tubing it was on my door step in three days, at half the cost of all the local suppliers. i called them several times just for info. and they were very helpful and patient. good luck and hope this helps ya. Ken

JB    Posted 01-09-2005 at 17:23:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thanks talltines I will check out their web site and see what they have and give a call if they have a number on their site.

Randy    Posted 01-09-2005 at 08:48:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sounds like a job for Engineer Joyce, maybe she'll be here in a while.

dale anne    Posted 01-09-2005 at 08:14:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy jb....did you try and call yer local energy office? they should be able to helpyou with the figures iffin not call a contractor and ask most will help you out.We are filling in our swimming pool and putting a deck and hottub in it's place next spring and had to call a contractor to find out the safest way to fill in the pool since it lays upon a hill and right outside our kitchen doors. The man was very helpful and in return we sent him a xmas card with a gift certificate to red lobster...always good to let nice folks know ya remember them ya might run into some other problems lol.....I think iffin ya ask you may be able to get someone to come out and just oversee the careful as you may need permits fer this do it yerself job!....good luck hope this helps....P.S. perhaps the homedepot or lows website might have a calulator fer this??????like they do fer paint and wood projects...hmmmmmmm...dale anne

JB    Posted 01-09-2005 at 09:40:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
The contractors I have talked to will do the job their way and they do the entire job. I have got some bad jobs from contractors and don't want to do it again. They tend to take short cuts and give you a sloppy job when you are a one time customer.

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