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Country Discussion Topics
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dale anne    Posted 01-12-2005 at 05:14:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy and a good mornin to all the good folks...ok ok and the bad ones lol....I hear we have a few but i aint never run cross thems yet....thems say bad weather coming our way tonight in rain,heavy winds and maybe a tornado!...i gots them new babies to think about now and i'm as jumpy as a frog on crack.gonna baton down the hatches fer them kids today....just a few days old and they are already escape artist! we done took them out the birthing pen and put them in the bigger shed thinking they would have more room to run around and not so keen to escape and playwith our buck...well aint we wrong fer thens we put a doghoise in the big pen so thems would hide out in it....when we go to feed the mamas in the mornings the babies are always out[still in the big shed]but out of the dog house ans running around Michael yells get in that house ...they do that lil dance where as they often throw themselves heels over head and tumble into one thing or another and make a quick retreat fer the dog house lol....hobbles is doing ok with the splints on his legs...dont reckon he will ever walk normal without them...I still have hope fer the lil bugger.jethro and ellie mae are quick to learn to head butt our shins as we tend to our's cute but something we need to stop now while they are still young.I figure the electric will go out tonight as it always does with a slight in the sticks and it happens{sigh} so got all my flashlights and camping lanterns charged so that iffin I haveto I will run into the storm like a mad woman and save my not sure iffin we get real real high winds that the horse barn will hold up since that stud we got rid of tore up the left side of it pretty cross yer fingers fer us.I kinda hope perhaps the winds will take away a few roosters that were dumped into our laps one wants them...i have tried trust me..thinking of culling a few since they chase us around when feeding....well enough of my mouth...ya'll have a great day...stay safe...dale anne

Texas    Posted 01-12-2005 at 05:17:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
Morning Goat Girl :)

dale anne    Posted 01-12-2005 at 05:51:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
Goat not the name i hear often ...more like b*tch heheheheh....ya waiting on them storms? better tend to any critters ya have then find ya a gal to snuggle up with and wait it out!...Nicky is home fer another week or two before going back to school so got a ton of chores fer the boy to do today with the storms and cold coming in. Nick hates to split fire wood:::snickers:::;...go get some hay and help me wit them babies.ahhh it's great to have children young enough not to know that they are placed into slave labor and old enough to do a mans should of had more boys{sigh}...but then again I am going to be a grandma come march maybe she will have a boy fer me and a new farm hand in the future lol...I reckon I will have the grand baby more then she will....young and all ya know how it goes...already getting a room in the house set up fer the newest youngin.stay safe tex and iffin I get to many trees down and storm damnage i'll be callin on ya to bring yer strong back and chain saws lol.....dale anne

Texas    Posted 01-12-2005 at 05:56:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
Grandma? Well Congrats! Im years away from being a grandpa...I hope. Cant wait to ruin a grandkid or three tho :)

Hope those storms miss you! Stay safe an dry!

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