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Country Discussion Topics
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All that talk about my grandma made me remember.......
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Dreamweaver    Posted 03-11-2001 at 00:46:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
That there was an old black couple that lived with them for years, Mr. Tom and Ms. Bessie. It reminded me about what had been written not long ago about race relations. Now these two call us "Miss Debbie (me)" and Mr this or that, and we did the same, Mr. Tom and Ms Bessie, etc. They helped with the farm, Bessie practically raised my mom and her sisters and brothers, and it was one big happy loving family. We showed them respect, they did the same to us. They worked like mules around that place, and my grandma treated them with the respect they earned and deserved. They would help with whatever my grandparents needed, and they were well taken care of, loved, and respected. Now some may considered that "slave labor," but those two would deny it up and down. They were members of our family. When they passed away, my family burried them and gave them a furneral fit for kings and queens. I felt like my own blood kin had passed away. They had been welcome at our table when the family ate, slept in my grandparents home (not out in a barn), and my mom grew up calling Bessie "mammie." She loved that woman like a mother. Grandma and Bessie would start cookin when the men folk went to the fields, and by lunch time, a feast was prepared for them to come in an eat and rest during the heat of the day. Then the process would start all over again for evenin. There is just a difference today between the races. It's like love and respect for each other has died out. People treat you like you want to be treated. There are wayyyyyy too many chips on shoulders. If people would just get back to the way thing were in the past, loving and helpin neighbors, his bull would probably die out. I hope no body takes this piece I wrote the wrong way. It was just a fond memory I had of two very sweet people I considered family.

InVermont    Posted 03-13-2001 at 04:06:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dreamweaver- Make sure you print this story out too, to give your little girls- Somehow we've gotten away from teaching respect for elders and from parents taking responsibility for their children's understanding of right and wrong- I agree with you that we should try to remember to have courtesy and respect for others instead of always thinking about what we're going to get out of every darn situation. If we all treated each other with some dignity, we'd have an easier time of it.

Mudcat49    Posted 03-11-2001 at 17:26:20       [Reply]  [No Email]

magpie    Posted 03-11-2001 at 07:35:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Although we are a canadian family and proud of it. Our roots are in the United States and darn proud of that too. All this talk about grandmothers brought to mind my gramma who I sadly miss even though she has been gone for 20 years now. She was a southern gal who married a western rancher ( my grandpa). Many mornings we would breakfast on biscuits and gravy with grits on the side. I guarantee you,that sticks to the ribs.

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