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Again..Have to say it..
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Aprille    Posted 01-20-2005 at 09:50:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thanx again! Yes Putz is not so much a compliment as a kind Jewish way of saying someone is a jerk w/out saying jerk..heeheehee!! To those of u whose ex's treated u like caca..they BITE!! There is NO need for that kinda crap and they will have to answer for that in the end won't they..even if u don't believe in God u know that there is a higher power they will have to answer to..I do not speak to him because he is disrespectful to specifically..I tried to ignore this for my child but when he disappeared with him that was it as far as my son and I were concerned. I am just going to go about my life and my son is going along with his..He only has 2 more yrs to get child support and can't wait until there are no ties at all..He chooses not to contact or see him..All I can do is support my boy as I always have..Thanx again all..

deadcarp    Posted 01-20-2005 at 13:07:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
wow that's quite a history - do you suppose the clown's behavior is a cultural thing or from like substance abuse? a nurse friend of mine recently had a similiar experience with her daughter & a drunken ex. she fears it could have gone into molestation etc. first few years he was a sober model mate. :)

Aprille    Posted 01-20-2005 at 17:06:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
He has some severe substance probs and always leans on the women he is with..hence the reason why she is letting him be the baby..Hey whateva floats yer boat..thru trial and error I have found a unique man who also took many years to learn to be a man but due to something we all have..insecurity..not because a joint or a drink or a bar or a bike club is more important..but because sometimes giving your heart away is scary no matter how lovely the other person might be..I just refuse to let him abuse me in any way..The history goes much deeper..he is a slimeball from the nth degree..I sleep well every nite because I have a clear conscience..then there are people like him..who have all..and feel the world OWES them..weak..

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