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Late enough for a friday report
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deadcarp    Posted 01-20-2005 at 21:38:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
i need my leg brace adjusted, it still fails to carry my toes. but i can now stand and slide the bad foot past the good one - that's progress.
i view with a certain detached disgust this inauguration ceremony that's being peddled, while all the ken lays are wining their future votes. this'll raise our taxes. .it must compare to the roman circuses that were designed to distract the peons during the fall of their world. i miss the casual economy days, the too-loose freedoms we had for decades. sad that it has to overshadow m.l.king's birthday, a man whose average fingernail likely had more wisdom than this entire pageant.

so to me it's been a sad week for america. m.l.king was a thinker, like john denver a shining example of the precept that you don't have to be old to be wise, you only have to watch & think. but i think on balance it's been a good week for humanity. there will be momentary prosperity for the tsunami survivors and i find inspiration in the lyrics of the world's music, an odd place i suppose to find hope.

inspiratinal lyrics that underline the value of the moment, dances that stir peoples' souls, rhythms that reassure all concerned that life has purpose and joy, sensual moments that praise lovers and moonlight and waterbeds and curled tes and the spreading of abundant seed, a point not lost on a man of the land. the world's musicians have harvested thoughtful lyrics that took time to notice that a bird doesn't have to die before it can fly. their musical gift makes a silly political pageant seem farther away.

ret    Posted 01-21-2005 at 01:58:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
too darn early in the morning to digest your post, brain is not in gear yet. There is a lot of truth and wisdom in it, and as for the inaugural ceremony, it is overdone, but it does show the world we can be united and change our course without bloodshed. Of course this one didn't because of his second term. Guess we need some pagentry in our life. Too early to think hard. Get that foot moving

Good    Posted 01-20-2005 at 21:47:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Very nice DC. I like your post.

- Peanut

PS - Remember the saying "Feets don't fail me now"? That has nothing to do with toes (sheepish grin). It does sound like progress.

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