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Spam filter
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Scott Hansen    Posted 05-23-2002 at 07:57:30       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I got the neatest thing. My net provider has a spam filter. I can set it at low, medium, and high. Mine is set on high, and I've been checking. Mail is getting through fine, but all spam has been blocked. I can blacklist it so that it cannot be delivered next time. This is a free service, included in the $13.95 I pay each month for service. It's amazing what they send me. Lately I've been hit with tons of Viagra ads. I want to know who put me on the list. I'm having a talk with the little woman.....

DeadCarp - free virus blocker    Posted 05-23-2002 at 18:03:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Viruses spread cuz they arrive in email, then access you address book and start mailing themselves to everybody on your list. Well, you know what happens if you type a wrong email address? Your server can't find a place to send it & you get a note telling you, right?

Okat, so what you do is create a phony entry in your email address book, one that will stay right on top and one that gets spit right back. Numbers are listed before letters, so make the name like
!00000, NO email address, and the virus will bog down and you'll get a "Returned mail" note from yout server every time it tries to spread itself! Cheapest alert i know of.....

Ludwig    Posted 05-23-2002 at 08:54:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Lots of ISPs are doing that these days. The
problem is that its pretty easy for a spammer to
get around the filter. Ones that get your name can
put it in the message and it looks like a message
from someone you know or they use a subject line
like "hey, that was fun last night" to fool the
I fight back, The free service is
decent and within a day or two of doing it I see a
significant reduction in the spam in my inbox. If
I keep after it within a couple days I get almost
nothing. The trouble comes if I quit it, but it
still takes a week or two before the volume builds
back up. Mostly I just grin

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