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Mechanix Du Juor
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Cindi    Posted 01-28-2005 at 11:59:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Against my better judgement, and after consistent and firm pressure on her part, Jill and I traded vehicles again. She now has my Ford F-150 pickup truck and I'm driving her Jeep Grand Cherokee. I drove the Jeep for a full three days until the degree to which I had screwed up began to sink in. Not that the Ford is in any better shape than her Jeep, but I am a firm advocate of sticking with the evil you know, rather than buying into a whole new set of heartaches.

My first little nudge of concern was prompted by a deep moan that came from under the hood every time I made a turn.

"Oh, yeah," says she, by way of explanation, "it uses a lot of power steering fluid."

"How much is a lot?"

"A bunch."

"Oh. Thanks. That's much clearer now."

She grinned. I frowned.

"What I'm asking you, how often you have to put power steering fluid in it."

Now that was a direct question, which in Jill's book, begs an evasive response.

"Well, every time it makes that groaning sound."

"Dammit, girl! How often does it make that groaning sound?!"

"About once a week."

"Once a week."


"Thank you!"

"Yer welcome!"

Not being very mechanically inclined, I wanted to make sure that I didn't put the power steering fluid into the brake fluid thingie or some such nonsense, so after buying a bottle I asked her for instructions.

"Where do I put it?"

"Well... tsk...under the hood, Mom."

"I didn't think I was supposed to put it in the cupholder, Jill! Where under the hood?"

"Want me to show you?'

"Would you mind?"

I gave her the bottle so that she could demonstrate.

"Hey," says she, "you bought the good stuff!"

"It was a dollar and nine cents! How much does the cheap stuff cost? If it got any cheaper they would have to pay me to take it!"

"Well," she sniffed, "that's about what I pay, but I usually get a much, much bigger jug."

"Oh." Says I. "You ever heard that you get what you pay for? Now, where does it go?"

She worked some kind of witchy magic and managed to get the hood up without smashing any fingers.

"It's real hard, Mom," she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm, "you see that little lid under there?" She pointed. "The one that says PUT POWER STEERING FLUID HERE."


"Well, you must need your eyes checked. It's right...hey, where'd the lid go?"

"The one that says...PUT POWER STEERING FLUID HERE?" I asked.


"I don't know."

"I musta lost it." She murmumered. "Wonder when that happened. Jake usually puts the fluid in for me."

"Do you suppose that maybe he's been putting it in, and it's just been sloshing right back out?" I asked.

Suddenly it dawned on us that we may have unraveled the whole power steering fluid mystery.

"We need a piece of tin foil." I said immediately and with a confidence born of making do or doing without.

We searched until we found a piece of tin foil of the right size and before you know it, we had fashioned a new lid.

"Reckon I ought to write PUT POWER STEERING FLUID HERE on it?" Jill inquired.

"Nah. I know where it goes now." I assured her.

"Think we fixed it?"

I don't know." I said, grinning. "I guess we'll find out in a week."

deadcarp    Posted 01-28-2005 at 12:34:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
new grand cherokees are okay but once they need parts, run! my mechanic cousin showed me a $1000 pail of parts off one. little piddly stuff. enuf for me. i'll keep the fords. :)

toolman    Posted 01-28-2005 at 12:11:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
put an elastic band another the tinfoil, with fixes like that you and the jeep will do just fine lol.

Cindi    Posted 01-28-2005 at 13:10:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good idea toolman, I didn't think of that!

DC....I shudder to think. I knew we got a pretty good deal on it. Maybe that's why.

toolman    Posted 01-28-2005 at 13:32:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
i had a nice 82 jeep got it in nice shape and it stayed that way for a while but when she started needin parts the sticker shock was wild, finally advertised it for 1500 a local and his wife got me down to 1200 and then tried for a 1000 i went back to 1500, they couldn,t understand my reasoning, i laughed most can,t, they left and a guy came over to ski for the winter i sold it to him for 2000, he sold it in the spring for the same, good vehicles until you need to start pouring money into parts.

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