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To Troll Hunter
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oslofile in NC    Posted 01-30-2005 at 06:00:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My appology to you for being a troll. I was not aware that all posters who didn't use their proper handle were all considered a troll. According to your definition I am a troll. I have too much respect for the folks on this forum for me to be considered a troll. I do appologize to all for violating the rules. I felt a need to share my thoughts, although somewhat personal but not entirely. I felt if I could help myself I could maybe help others. When a person goes through tragedies, their lives, whether intentional or not, change forever. In most cases those changes are not healthy and surpressing them can harm you forever, unless dealt with. However, your point about being a troll is also correct and should also be considered, so for this reason I am identifying myself as the troll on the post where I used the name "Anon". I used Anon because I felt that I could better express myself in a way that was easier for me.

Troll Hunter; I have never seen your name posted here, so I have to assume that you are a "lurker" or are you by your own defininition a "Troll" also?

My appologizes to all. Oslo in NC

Gerrit    Posted 01-30-2005 at 06:08:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oslo, I'm sure Troll Hunter didn't mean to say that you're a troll..
I guess it's about LukeTheDrifter, who was trying to stirr things up here.
Don't feel bad about your post! I'm sure nobody here was offended in any way..

oslo again    Posted 01-30-2005 at 06:20:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Gerrit, I'm sure if Troll Hunter wasn't referring to me he will let me know. I wasn't aware that Luke the Drifter, or anyone else for that matter, was possibly a troll. I only learned in earlier posts that their was such a name given to individuals who use different names. I knew that "trolling" was done but I didn't believe that their was no destinction made. I felt the content of the message, if constructive, would be ok.

Thanks for your kind words.

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