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Country Discussion Topics
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deadcarp    Posted 01-30-2005 at 09:52:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
good thing the drapes were open & i was facing that way - we just had 3 sleds come screaming up the river & back down. the first 2 were racing midstream at about 100 & the other 1 was skirting the weeds at maybe 60. in more hazard really cuz that melt edge goes from thick/open, it'+s a sharp, ragged seam of ice to tumble on, and plenty of brush/snags to grab a ski. the ice is thawing, now there's open patches/waves where they went.

vabill    Posted 01-30-2005 at 15:01:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
deadcarp, just a thought but couldnt you take one out with your muzzleloader? just tell the cops they scared thr he"l out of you, thought they be siucide bill

Fern(Mi)    Posted 01-30-2005 at 10:17:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
Them idiots upset me something awful. I don't get it? I be doing 20MPH with a grain wagon they pass me leaving looking like I'm standing still. I be doing 35MPH on these old country roads with out nothing behind me and they pass again my forward motion still looks standing still. Wonder how they get these right away rules bent for running the roads. I'm getting to old for that kind of excitement.

Never had much use for snowmobiles myself. The first ones owners turned me off right away when they came out with them back in the sixty's. I could spend half my morning snowshoeing into some near back country only to have my solace destroyed by some nosey idiot wanting to see who had made the tracks.

Enough of us like minded individuals complaining to the varied State offices, laws were passed requiring machines visibly numbered. Any complaint had to be answered by the machines owner, regardless driver identity. That anti-harassing process had worked for awhile. Somehow, the printed numbers have gotten smaller beyond my most recent ability to read them anymore. And now, 20mph canít possibly keep up with 80>100mph blurs.

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