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Problem employee llllloonnnnngggg
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Taylor Lambert    Posted 02-02-2005 at 20:39:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yall I hate to show up here afterbeing offline so long with a rant and plea for advice but I have a delimma at work. Dad Hired a friends brother based on the brothers good nature and it was a mistake but soft hearted dad couldnt resist helping out a fellow in a bind. I had met the fellow a few years ago when I was 18 at an auction and he tried to talk to me like i didnt know what I had bit on or anything. Then middle of last year he found out we needed a part time operator and truck driver so he showed up. I didnt tell dad because he would have hired him but it being a small town he saw dad on a fuel run and he got on.
I pleaded with pops not to hire him but it went through and dadhadto pull alotof strings with te bosses to get hime on. Two of them were deadset on not hiring him but dad went to the company owner that let him go ahead with it. Well he started cutting into my overtime bushoggin the landfill, mowed down my lily stand, (we plant wild flowers and lilys to make it like a park) and when Id ask him to do some thing I got laughed at or ignored. Then we took on a parking lot forthe plant and dadputhim on a scraper That I bought for the company in great condition. Well every time id stop by and dad was off to a meeting he would be parked at his pickup with tools out. He had every function but the steering screwed up then jerked the dozer around in 34d gear to much throttle when I told him we didnt do that here he made a remark thats not hoew my old boss let us do it. By this time dude has really lost alot ofpoints with me. Dad thought I was over reacting at first but the last few months hes really gone down hill with dad.
Dad has been moving dirt for about 45 years and is slick at it this guy has been at it 5 years and isnt that good. Dad came in one day and saw him cutting out of the fill and hauling it to the area that was on natural grade. Dad got him corrected and he still tried to tell me where dad was wrong at. Pops finally was about to stroke out one day so I gave him the newer roll off truck with airconditioning to run the scraper. After about 2 daysof reworking his adjustment is was ready to haul. Mean while he would go to the land fill and bushog running up 2 to 3 hours overtime per day. Thecompany we workfor hired us to save money and dad tried to explain it to the helper aboutgoing home at 2:30. Then he tore up our lightduty bushogtryingto ride down some trees to mow instead of hitching the oldheavy one up. Dad barred him from the tractor but before we had our private dumping permit he was hauling to a county landfill and comming in after 230. We had ask him to move a spare dumpster to the landfill to use as a back up for the other company we haul for and it was near where we were building the lot. Dad told me he had argued with him about movig it then at the endofthe day the dumpster was still there. Dad got onto his case and his remark was I didnt want to make the lift drivers mad or anyone else dad told him he was right on one account he didntwant to make him mad.
Whe he first hired on he was told we didnt have any supervisorjust dad was our super and heagreed but severything he'll either do his wayor right the opposite of whats asked. Well hes been there nearly a year and hes likable and a church goer but hes an EXPERT on what it took us 10 years to learn and all. Im doing more of the Lanfill operating now sincedad is gettin ready to retire and Donnie still has to have a tail chewing every couple weeks. He does good then all of a sudden it starts out with little things. We are supposed to tarp the dumpsters loaded or unloaded because sawdust or paper can be stuckinside them and its hdraulically tarped, no reason not to tarp it and today he drove off with me telling him to tarp it.
2 days ago I was hauling in sand with the scraper close to quitting time and saw that I was still working so He stayed in the Barn till I got done 2 hours later. He was supposedly servicing the truck but thats why he comes back to base 30 minutes early. One reason I worked late was i needeto take off the next day to a checkup and wanted to be haead and still get 40 hours in. Dads steamed at him by now amd today I think hewentover the edge as he had cutt through our parking lot thats supposed to be bypassed whe loaded I parked the tractor on the corner he had crossed and thin the next load he wentthrough it so after getting asked to make a wide turn around it he made an extra wide curve and ran off into a water diversion ditch and said it was my fault. But I also drive atruck thats the same lenght and width with less steering angle and i Stayed in the middle of the road.
Another thing that gets me is since im 25 he acts like hes alot smarter or knows more about everything but ive been operating equipment for 10 years and working at the landfill for almost 8 I hate to fire hime because he can be likable and he has a family and hes the only one out of 3 that makes a living. He has a kid in school and a wife thats disabled. THis job pays 13.45 and hour and Has the best insurance in this area plus its a shroter drive for him. The bad part about it dad is going through a divorce plus all theother streses thatgo with running an operation like ours and its affected his health. Ive just scratched the surface on the things this fella has done but I still hate to see him loose his job while its still bad weather out. Have any of yall ever been through anything like this? If so what would you do any advice is appreciated.

KellyGa    Posted 02-03-2005 at 06:35:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Taylor, glad to see you stopping by. :)

Now, this guy has got to be sat down and talked to. He needs to know and understand the rules, have them layed down like the law to him. Tell him if he can't abide by these rules, he is going to be let go. Tell him you are trying to give him a chance by sitting him down and talking to him.

I tellya, I have tried over the years to help folks out, and it has always backfired on me. Your dad stuck his neck out for this guy, and now your dads reputation is in jeapordy because he trusted this guy to do his work properly. YOu have to look out for whats best for yourself above all others. I know your dad felt sorry for him, but the law is going to have to be laid down to save your dads reputation.

Tell him to consider this a warning, and for him to take you seriously, because there won't be any second chances. Sounds like you have to make this guy really undrstand you mean business. Tell him he needs to remember who is boss and respect that.

Basicly, put him in his place and tell him to stay there, or get out. JMHO

bulldinkie    Posted 02-03-2005 at 05:27:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
all my what weve been through with employees.You just have to forget everything feelings etc and just fire,Before somebody gets hurt.Weve had ALL kinds.I like how everybody was a supervisor,manager etc then come to find out when you put them on a job they yell they dont want to be in charge.Reason they wanted supervisor pay.nothing else.we have an employee that yells when we buy our 2 sons something for Christmas for instance .When do we get ours,he says what???Its crazy.

Salmoneye    Posted 02-03-2005 at 05:24:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
You know full well what you need to do...

Fire him...

Sometimes reality gets in the way of being nice...

Alias    Posted 02-03-2005 at 04:50:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Taylor, many years ago when I was a young man, I was a grade foreman on a road construction project on the eastern shore of Md. There the soil is 90 percent sandy.

Well sir, we were cutting the sand from high points and placing in in the low ones. And, we used a 30 ton Pneumatic roller working behind the spreaders. If you've ever seen one of those old style contraptions, you know that it is a big motorized box with 3 wheels in the front and 4 in the rear. and, the box, (7 feet high) is filled with dirt to provide the weight. Moreover, it is extremely top heavy.

One day I noticed the roller working precariously close to the edge of a loose fill slope. So, fearing the thing would topple over, I stopped the operator and explained that he need not work so close to the edge. Well, the way he carried on you'd a thought I'd asked him to blow up a bus load of kids or something equally as bad. for, he set in to yelling and screaming and cussing and spitting and sputtering in a highly aggrivated tone of voice which made known he didn't think much of me or my instructions. And, he said in a voice loud enough for the world to hear that he didn't need no wet-nosed kid telling him what to do. About that time I was ready to climb up on the box and introduce him to a little fisticuffing. But, he showered down on the fuel pedal and off he went. So, I made up my mind that when he stopped for lunch, I'd be waiting with his pink slip.

Well, I never got to give him his pink slip because in less than an hour the roller toppled over and landed on his torso. Only his Butt and legs were visible. I won't go into detail about how the weight of that massive machine caused his bluejeans and other parts of his body to split apart. But, it's a sight that will never leave me.

Upon seeing him split open like a hog caused me to make some strong decisions about workplace relationships. I've never experienced any guilt feeling over what happened. For, all I had tried to do was warn the fellow of impending danger. And, I'll never know why he was resentful of my warning. Unless it had to do with young people in authority. In retrospect, I wish I had just reached out to him. For, Obviously, he was a troubled man........gfp

KellyGa    Posted 02-03-2005 at 06:39:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Too bad for the man :( If only he had survived, he would have been a better man for it, for he would have learned the value of your words to him, words that were only out of concern for his safety. :( What a waste.

deadcarp    Posted 02-03-2005 at 03:04:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
hi taylor- good to see you. well it's kinda natural to pay more attention to someone older than 40 & unfortunately, your being 25 will work against you. and that's not personal or mean it's the same way you'd treat a teacher or insurance man, right? so younger guys often hafta prove themselves by actions more than older guys.

when i was younger, i decided to work thru break one time, thought it no big deal til the boss unplugged the bandsaw and asked how stern i wanted this reprimand - he said he'd seen people die for that lousy 10 minutes and of i didn't respect them, at least let my co-workers have some peace & quiet. i glanced around and the guys didn't seem too happy with me. i wasn't tickled either but got the point.
you're probably lucky this guy isn't the boss - he's obviusly there for the money so if i was investigating the situation i'd ask who put you in charge of his overtime, maybe you are but make sure okay? everybody deserves exactly 1 boss, no more. don't give authority away but stay within your category - there'll always be airheads. :)

SusieQ    Posted 02-03-2005 at 03:04:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Give employee a verbal warning, and tell him about his attitude.......if it hasn't changed, put a pink slip in with his paycheck, there are many many good workers out there that follow instructions, ever think about hiring a woman?

Chas in Me    Posted 02-02-2005 at 21:03:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
You and your dad need to sit down with this guy, explain to him he is on very thin ice and give him a deadline for an attitude change. Explain that after that date, if the old attitude shows up even once, he is gone. Period. No second chance. Then you must stick with it yourselves. If you weaken, he gains control and sooner or later, your business ends up in the dumpster.

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