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Farm Shopís Report
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-04-2005 at 16:32:25       [Reply]  [No Email]

Eyes opening at 3:Oíoil-lamp. The lamp has been sitting in front of the wall clock from this eye-balling direction since the last power outage. Thereís a life making depiction of parental loving in skin tones lighting up the room, by way of the boob-tubes unseemly emitted energyĎs spent in conjunction with the whirling the power company meter outside.. I had fallen asleep on the sofa resting my eyes.

My eyes these days are in contention as to whatís bothering me the most these days. Heal spur padded in the shoes all day donít hurt until I take my shoes off. Knees and hips grating face but one solution I ainít ready to admit to as yet. Shoulders demanding less swing, less reaching, less weight bearing in toted loads. Iím handling all these by moving keeping my mind off them lessening the aggravating pains. But, my eyes are something else. Night driving becoming hazardous facing the new new blue lazar lightís factory or retro-ly fitted into new and modified automobiles. Got to be a ploy to destroy on coming motorists vision. The worst part, my waiting ti see again out of the eyes Iím being told, by three specialists in their fields, are getting better/stronger. And, I frustrated wait for the vision correcting prescription thatíll let me see clearly again what I agitatedly hope is shaped, trimmed, cut, fit even close. My imaginationís fine. Just so damned irritably difficult to put into practice.

On to a brighter day, supposed to be sunny and warm here again. Expect a few more of the same to follow. They are real teaserís for Spring. Total reminders of all the preparedness for Springís first day ahead of us still undone. What, six weeks until Spring or six more weeks of Winter? March 1st is usually another Spring teaser. And, April 1st the tools had better be ready, be they a carpenterís hammer and apron his saws set and filled; a farmer his plow shares and bearings ready to turn and roll; or a fisherman his boat anti fouled painted ready to launch. The season for preparing is fast disappearing. I have enjoyed those smells: saw dust falling about my feet watching the daily progress a future homeís framing going up, the musty scent of turned soil filling my nostrils, the clarity of an inland sea washing down the insides my nose. Then there is the listeningís: the rap-a-tap-tap hammers driving nails, the voiced ďAweís and GeeísĒ and strained farts once heard in stereo, the water lapping against a launched boatís freeboard with seagulls serenade on breezes welcoming me back. Be it to the lumber, the soil, or the sea; they were all the same serious endeavor officially going back to work for the so called busy season by those what donĎt know it all.

Putted away morning fitting hardware components to first satelliteís ďGate OpenerĒ mother board.

Had two helpings beans for lunch. Then thought about getting even with that dam gas bagged cow. I donít have to remember her. Iíll know her by the hair missing under her tail.

Spent more time than I should have on the satellite project, even to the point of getting sick. Did my up chucking thing for haven lazily forgotten to get out more medication. The meds was simply sitting clear across the room, about two steps away. When Iím relaxed, Iím relaxed.

Spilling it and making sure I was going to baptize the steering wheel and dash, I managed to get it home and find those meds. A few moments later I took the rest of my eveningís quota and been out since feeding the ladies. That done, Iím home and hope Clipperís satisfied with my borrowed picture I posted earlier. Ya all should have seen another picture that really had my parents worried as to how I would turn out?

Got news today the miller is trying to make it tomorrow with the portable sawmill. Iíll try to remember to take pictures. Come Monday have to look at a couple Ollies. Oneís a late model 1850 with a 354 Perkins including a three speed hydra-drive, on good radial rubber, two speed PTO, and cab. The other an 1855 comes with a turbo 310 Waukesha engine similarly equipped like the 1850. One of them has the extra large saddle tanks which makes little difference to me. Already leaning towards the 1850. Those extra fuel tanks would be a big plus on that one.

Itís late and wonder of wonders the days are noticeably longer now when one isnít watching the clock. Only a month ago the days were two hours shorter.
Thatís it for today. G-nite folks.

Please...    Posted 02-04-2005 at 17:12:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Take pics...

And do me a favour...

Use it or lose it, eh?

Dealing with enough people I have to kick in the butt daily to get em to just move...Don't make me add you to the list...

Salmoneye, Who Doesn't Always Respond To The Reports...But Always Reads them...

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