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Country Discussion Topics
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How this city gal raised chickens
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Hollie    Posted 02-05-2005 at 06:04:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]
ok, sit back, grab some coffee and let me rattle on...As i've said, i take care of little kids now, no more police work for me, i got sick and had to quit after 18 yrs...wanting to make some money i took up childcare...then ended up with a license (to love kids? how dumb) and the state lady said i needed a science, i thought about chickens, i also thought, how hard can that be? (at this point think, dumb city blonde girl)...sooooo i sent off for some catalogs and one came from ark, close to me, i ordered what i thought was 12 chickens..i got a mixture of red, black, some with furry feet, some with little balls of white on their heads, little ones, big ones, and some that even laid colored eggs..and did i tell my husband what i was doing? oh of course not...agin, think, dumb city blonde no time i got a call from the post office telling me to pick up these NOISEY office i thought? i figured a truck would bring em..or ya have to picture myself and 9 little kids all under age 5 lined up with a ski rope running though their belt loops and the last kid dragging a red wagon trooping up the main street to the post office to get my 12 chickens. 12? not hardly...the company sent me 30 because THEY thought that some wouldn't make it and as i had filled out why i ordered from them in the space provided on the form, they sent "some extra" for the little kids...GEE HOW NICE OF THEM!!!....back home we go, had to make lunch ...had to find places for the used a big toy box...and they were so LOUD!!! (they were in the middle of my kitchen floor)....well hubby came home at 5:30 and you can imangine his surprise...and his long speech about how stupid i was...and what the H*** we were gonna do with chickens...i was all but in tears...and they were so cute..some no bigger than an egg..(later they turned out to be bannies)...that night we hit the back of the grocery store and got a couple of boxes..he rigged up a light bulb for heat (they needed heat?)didn't have any food, but hubby said he'd stop by the feed store and get what i needed...price so far? around 45 bucks...they stayed in the house for about 3 weeks..then they got ugly and the new had worn off and the kids were no longer paying any attention to them..and they stunk..and they spilled their water..and and and...well, now its a trip to the lumber yard..hubby has to build a chicken house...he did, cost of it was around 300 dollars..i got windows from a yard sale...even made a flower box for the front..even had black shutters so it would look like my house (we live in town by the way)...things went along ok for some time..then they grew up...and i got my first egg...oh and by the way they all lived..even after spending a few scared nights in the toy box or in a coat pocket of a little kid who wanted to take one almost went up the was under the fridge..the only way to get it out was have it stuck up against the extention of the sweeper...(haha)..but as time went by and i had to scoop out the chicken house by myself..(not a fun job i found out)...i decided to give em to a farm family just outside of town..but those chickens lived, had names, and was a huge sorce of intertainment for the little girl never talked plain..she called them "chick-er-babies"...i had a goat once too...but thats another the chicken house is just a shed..but i bet im the only one who ever had a chicken house with shutters, flower boxes and oh yes i also had curtains in it and white check...i'll get a pic of it and put it on the photo price of chickens? 45 dollars, house around 300, sitting in fresh straw feeding them out of my hands, watching the little kids gather eggs for their breakfast, using my grandmas egg bucket with the squeaky handle that i always used....PRICELESS!!!!..thanks for listening!!!!

KellyGa    Posted 02-05-2005 at 11:03:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Hollie. :) I am the resident chicken lover here. I loved that story, thanks for sharing. :) I am a bit late, been packing boxes and cleaning this morning, but its good to meet you! :)

Cynthia    Posted 02-05-2005 at 07:28:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I loved your story, what a treat. I keep telling my husband that when we move to the country that I would like to have chickens. He told me that I was crazy and if we had them that I would be on my own.
I am new to this site also. I have been hear about a month and I just love it. You sound like a really neat lady and I have really enjoyed your stories.

KellyGa    Posted 02-05-2005 at 11:05:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Cynthia, you tell your husband if you took care of the chickens yourself what does he care? ;) My husband thinks I am a nut, but I have them, and I just got ten new ones, and I love them all. :) oh, and lol, we live inthe city too, for now. I don't do silly rules, so I have chickens,lol.

Betty oh    Posted 02-05-2005 at 06:27:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Wonderful story. Now tell us about the goat.

deadcarp    Posted 02-05-2005 at 07:07:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
i can tell you about a goat. in town. we'd decided it was worth $15 so obtained a white pygmy named snow. we also had a shepherd/coyote named crackers. who had dug a cool, shady den under some plywood and liked to sleep late. not anymore! not with a kid jumping on the roof!

having boundless energy, that thing racked up more damage in the 6 weeks we had her, every day it was another $50 for something, even chewed the corners outa a nice trucking tarp i kept in the wheelbarrow! finally mac at work decided to buy her - his daughter was becoming a vet - so they'd got her a bale of hay to nibble on. i'd tried to warn him but on the freeway, he noticed something in his mirror and here she'd hopped out of the truck and was dangling by her rope. so they secured her better, but now the girls are jumpy so they kept the back cab window open to pet her & had alfalfa swirling all around the cab.

when they got her home mac decided to beef up the fence a little so tied her out front. while he was doing that, the goat ate his wife's rubber tree! eventually everybody adjusted and she became the horse's pet but the crowning part was
a couple weeks later when snow gave birth to the cutest black kid you ever saw! even tho i had no idea, for some reason they named it "turkey dave" after me! lol

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