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Country Discussion Topics
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What a day!
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dale anne    Posted 02-05-2005 at 14:34:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
howdy ya'll....well i said in an early post that joey was coming over to try and halter that lil philly of ours...well it didnt work out well....picasso's painted pleasure[name]...jumped the barb wire fence...did good going over...perhaps going to be a good jumper fer me?...but she was scared to death and tried to jump back over the fence and got herself caught up in the barb wire...cut up all over one bad cut on her shoulder the rest of the cuts just look bad but will be ok with some tending...we couldnt get near enough to get her down so I could treat the bad wound on gonna let her calm down fer tonight and try again in the morning...the bleeding has stopped but thinkin I'm gonna have to butterfly stitch her...she wont eat nothing now gonna have to keepan eye on she was cutting herself up lil C{goat,buck}got out the smll holding pen I put him in and was being chased by the got him and put him back in with the gals[goats] fer now will secure the fence better in the morning....we did get the geese down to the pond and YES!{jumping fer joy] thus far thats where they have stayed...fer ya'll who dont know these geese are about a year old now and had taken over our swimming pool...all is well now...i think...and I am done fer the night...bleached the bunny bottles,fed,cleaned up outside and got me a few new bumps,scratches,bruises,and broken fingernails...yep the day was a success lol....they say rain tomorrow but like they say sugar melts not chit so I will be back at at......hope ya'll had a better day...dale anne

KatG    Posted 02-05-2005 at 17:08:34       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dale Anne sounds like a routine day here on the Crippled G...Our Jersey milk cow...Ms.Ellie decided to break into the calves pen last night...wanting grain for sure...We weaned her little feifer about amonth ago...Well Star baby saw Mamma's full teats and decided to suck like there was no tomorrow...This morning when we went to milk there was Ms. Ellie looking sheepishly and Star looking full...Ofcorse having this big heifer suck and bump you all night was not easy on Ellie...Her bag was sore...She had MAtt acussin before daylight...which is not really unusal...She did good at evening milking though so maybe the soreness is better...MAtt went around and changed the way all the gates close...The Jerseys open chained gates...I would have thought impossible if I had not seen them do it...Scarey sometimes how smart they are...
HAd to clip my roos and 2 hens wings...kept flying out the pen...The hens were easy but Big Red took exception to being caught...but as of tonight his wings have been clipped and he is grounded...
As the day ends I am on the puter and hubby is watching TV...says there is "mating" every show he turns too...Imagine that...I will quit a rambling now...KAtG

Hollie    Posted 02-05-2005 at 14:42:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
whew! you wore me out just reading day was just the oposite...hubby is gone this weekend...after i sent him away with his other firemen buddies...i hung out here awhile..posted some stories..answered some nice comments..returned some emails...rented two movies and watched them...ate some take out...took a nap, then had my nails done..son came by and returned my sweaper he borrowed...made plans by phone to go shopping tues with future dnl, did throw a load of towells in the washer...loaded the the mail...and now my hinney is back on this message board...YAWN!!!!....hubby will be home around 8pm and now i just had a call from our foster daughter...she wants to come spend the night...(state has given her back to her worthless parents, but she still visits us)...i couldnt' live in the country, id be worn out all the time...i have great respect for you guys and gals..

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