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Country Discussion Topics
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Special places
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grandma    Posted 02-05-2005 at 19:04:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Like Hollie, I too have a special place. I live on Puget Sound in Washington(state), as close to Canada as you can get without being in it. I am in a little cove with a wide beach and to one side a jetty that sticks out about two hundred feet into the water. I often walk the beach,look at all wonders of nature, and think of the people I have loved that are now in heaven. The jetty is where I talk to my husband the most.(I talk to him inside too) He was drop dead handsome, every girl in town hated me when I snaged him. He was the most loving,kind person I have ever met.He loved life, worked hard, played hard and loved hard. We were married in 1942, I was 17 he 22. Except for the last five years of his life when he was in pain,we had good rich life. On Nov. 7th 1993 our aniversery, I scattered his ashes in the bay. He is watching over me, I talk and he listens. He understands when I am in pain,or angry,or do something dumb. I am sure of this because when I am very ,very stupid, the wind comes and the waves crash on the shore and jetty. When we have a storm I always take a good look at myself, usually find a good reason why he might be upset.
Not so long ago we were having very high tides, the house is only two hundred yards from the high tide mark, if the water starts to hit the bulkhead I'm outta here. This one night the wind started to blow when I was in a bad mood. I looked out the window and asked "What the h--- is wrong now" The wind got stronger and stronger, the waves were crashing clear over the jettey. (to inject a note here,I never needed no fancy underware with that man) Why I said the next thing I will never know. " All right, come in but don't drip salt water on the floor" I swear to you what happened next is true. In about five minutes the wind let up, another five and the bay was as calm as a lake. I said I'm glad you got that out of your system, and started for the bedroom when I remembered what I had said before. NOOOOOOOOOOO way was I going near that bed. Spent the rest of night in my lazyboy.
We have had beautiful weather the last week, am sure he is happy I have found this place.

deadcarp    Posted 02-05-2005 at 22:16:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
hey i know where you live! my ex-FIL used to have a band, and his piano player invited us to his waterfront home on the sound up past everett one day, the boys had tended crab traps and we had a huge seafood salad that was memorable. the folks had a retreat on vashon island and i took the ferry & spent many weekends cutting ferns up there. gorgeuos country!

cynthia    Posted 02-05-2005 at 20:50:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]
What a wonderful sweet story, I loved hearing it.
I wish that I could see this beautiful place where you live. I thank God every day for the blessings of my husband, my children and my mother who I care for. Thanks so much for sharing, you just made my day.

James(Ga)    Posted 02-05-2005 at 20:22:25       [Reply]  [No Email]

Grandma,Thanks for sharing, That was a wonderful romantic story, I have kin folks in Seattle and his sil works for the parks there and we went canoeing in the puget sound but it was clam, i was still scared anyway.Never been in a canoe before. James

mark    Posted 02-05-2005 at 20:35:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ah, you don't know what you've missed.Used
to live up the Gunflint when I was little. Started
canoeing when I was so little all you could see
were my shins and shoes sticking from under
the canoe on portages. We'd be out in the
boundry waters for a couple weeks at a time,
not a care in the world but for hoping it didn't
rain that night.

I'm glad you're here now.    Posted 02-05-2005 at 19:45:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
I really,really miss my own Grandma.She was a great and wonderful woman. Having you here makes me feel good.Thank you so much for sharing your stories. Mark in Kansas

Alias    Posted 02-05-2005 at 19:27:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
Dear Lady, that's a beautiful account. It has all the elements for a good story. There's love and romance, a life time of togetherness and beyond, some personal aspect of, or lack of, wearing appearal only serves to conjure up an image best described by waves pounding upon rocks with great force and rapid frequency. All of this and a ageless dread of falling asleep in a lying position out of fear of the unknown which prompts an all night vigil in the warmth and sure comfort of an upright recliner. Mercy, mercy, are you sure you're as old as you say?

Now, we all make memories....some good, some bad. Sounds to me like you have a store of good time recalls. Thanks for sharing......gfp

RickyB    Posted 02-05-2005 at 19:21:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
keep on telling them stories.My wife grew up in Tacoma and came to Texas in 1992.she sure misses that country.gonna have to take her back one day.

HOGMAN    Posted 02-05-2005 at 22:00:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
I can relate to some of that without further comment.
Thanks for postin it.

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