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Country Discussion Topics
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Trip to heaven and back
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grandma    Posted 02-07-2005 at 01:44:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
I went out to the jetty today to talk, that ole fool is at the supper bowl with all his croneys, they are all up there.I almost joined him twice, was droped kicked back both times. Guess the good Lord has enough Swedes telling how to run things.The last time was three years ago. My brother and I joint own a moterhome. We spent a night with daughter in Wenatchee then took back road to Spokane 150 miles away. About half way I became very sick, we are in wheat country where the towna are few and small. He decided we had better stop and get help because I was yelling blood murder. We found a small village that had an aid car, they wanted to take me to an aid station,brother said NO she need a hospital. The nearest hospital was in another small town 20 miles away, he said some unkind words and we took off. it seemed to me were going very slow so I asked the kid driving if we couldn't red light it. He said why, aint nobody out here. About that time there was a big whoosh, you gessed it, a flat tire. He gets on the horn to other towns around for help. What seemed to me a very long time a hearse pulls up and I am loded into that. Meanwhile, brother in moterhome had to get gas and it takes awhile to pump 25 gallens of gas.he saw the aid car and thought it was on it's way back. He finall gets to hospital, where I know for sure I am on my way to the pearley gates. They don't know what is wrong,can't take exrays because it is the tecks day off, and want to ship me off to Spokane 75 miles away.Brother had called my son in Spokane and daughter in Wenatchee on his cell. Son is a real estate agent,son-in-law a doc. I knew son was working on a big deal,and the doc was playing golf in a big AMA golf tournament. They had been feeding me morphine,which didn't help all that much. In a lucid moment I saw Pete and Brian I knew I was on my way. There is only one thing that will take a business man away from a hot deal, or a doc off the fairways, and it isn't taxes. There was much discussion about what to do,fnally Brian the doc took over,it is back to Wenatchee. They had a van so they took a mattres out of the motorhome, daughter drove while doc sat by me. Doc had called ahead and they were ready for me at the hospital. (Most of this was told to me later) it seems that it was a good thing they got there when they did. My insides were pulled out, repaired, stuffed back in,dock's put on their golf shoes,finished their game from my stomach.When I woke up with five shunts in my neck, a tube down my throat, a catheter you know where,and three feeder lines on my right hand, I wished I had gone. Guess it just wasn't my time yet.

Smitty of Cal    Posted 02-07-2005 at 11:35:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
I had a very simular experiance in 2000 my colon exploded and I was supposed to be DOA when flown to the hospital. Well Dr said I was a tough old buzzard and I made it. They had to remove 3' of my colon.

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