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Country Discussion Topics
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Need some advice for friends
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mud    Posted 02-07-2005 at 05:42:13       [Reply]  [No Email]

We have friends who live up north in N.Y. state on 35 acres with a big old house, barn, pasture, etc.

She has just been diagnosed Alzheimer's Disease
and is showing some of the effects. They want to sell their place and move west to be nearer to family.

They are thinking of selling it by themselves. Is there anybody here that has had experience in listing and selling a small farm by themselves?

Any advice will be sent on to them.

This is the 2nd. time in 2 years that a friend of mine has been stricken with this. Sure hope a cure can be discovered in our lifetime.

John (MO)    Posted 02-07-2005 at 14:22:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
I would highly recomend they not try and sell the property themselves. A good professional real estate agent will get them more money, quicker and with a whole lot less headaches than if they attempt to sell it themselves. There are many people who look to buy property directly from the owners, do you know why this is? Most offen it is because they can buy cheaper that way, but not cheaper just because of a real estate agents fee, rather because people don't know how to best market their property. They ask too little, don't advertize to get the most buyers involved and make dozens of mistakes. From a buyers stand point, I feel better about buying property listed with a good real estate agent. An agent has as code of conduct to abide by, rules and laws that govern them, to protect both the buyer and seller. A private seller can lie to you all day long and if you don't find out about it untill it's too late, all you can do is sue, which costs both time and money. If an agent lies to you about property, they put their job and income on the line, and are also insured and bonded to protect both buyer and seller. As for me, I'll only deal with a reputable agent. I feel the person who doesn't use one is most likely a fool at best and maybe a lot worse. I suppose I missed a few good deal this way, but I've avoided lots of problems and lost time and money.

Thank you, each one.    Posted 02-07-2005 at 13:05:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
I dont venture a guess what it must be like to get this kind of news. My heart goes out to anybody that is, or has, suffered through the experience of this insidious illness.

As for the input and information, I thank you. I will make sure it gets back to our friends.

Much Obliged,


KellyGa    Posted 02-07-2005 at 08:18:12       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mud, sorry about your friend. My husbands grandmother was stricken with this horrible disease, and although she died right before I came into Ians life, I have heard so many wonderful stories of her, but also how the disease took her mind. So sorry to hear anybody has to go through that. Looks like you are getting good advice though.

Brian W    Posted 02-07-2005 at 07:30:02       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Sorry to hear about your friend. I purchased land last year from a private seller in New York ( afton area). where I will be retiring. I have 10 more years on the police force here in New jersey.
Where is the land located? My father in law also has Alzheimers. Tough dieses. Hope everything works out!

God Bless


Another option....    Posted 02-07-2005 at 07:19:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mud, My heart goes out to your friends.

We sold our home (not a farm) by owner. All legal paperwork was downloaded off the internet. This was relatively an easy uneventful process which left us a larger profit.

However, selling by owner is very time consuming. Your friend may want to consider a service (which we have not used) Assist 2 Sell. A neighbor is using Assist 2 Sell and is happy with the service they are receiving. They charge a set amount up front (under $3000.00) and are not based on a percentage of the value of your property. Maybe another option for your friends...

Here is the link for more info...

Mrs Peanut

dale anne    Posted 02-07-2005 at 06:24:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy mud, sorry to hear about yer is a good time to sell....I dont know anything about listing one owns home and doing it myself but i do know about the state taking homes when a person needs to be placed in a nursing home[hope this dont happen]....the home needs to be sold 4 years before [said person] is placed in a nursing home or the state can ask for proceeds from the sale to repay for care. PLEASE!...tell yer friends if they do sell to put the new home in a trusted family members name unless the have the best health insurance known to man. I am a nurse and worked in nursing homes and you cannot believe the family homes that have been lost after the death of a nursing home resident.The placement can cost as lil as 2700 a month and upwards!!!!...the care is shoddy!....the food is horrible!!!!...and yet the state will take everything from the family!!!....I am sorry fer your friends trouble. I hope they have a family that is strong and will tend to their own cause putting a loved one in a nursing home will only make the end more tramatic for the loved one and the family....Tell your friends to look up the laws in the state they live in to cover thems butts if extended care is needed in the future....dale anne

sdg    Posted 02-07-2005 at 05:58:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sorry to hear about your friend, Mud. I don't have any experince in that, but here in WNY, I see it alot. I do know that in Ny you have to have a lawyer for any real estate trasactions. Both seller and buyer. So maybe tell them to contact a property lawyer and go from there. Where abouts in Ny is it located?

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