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Country Discussion Topics
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No bullet wounds...
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KatG    Posted 02-07-2005 at 16:55:23       [Reply]  [Send Email]
we got the cops out here ...Matt called the dispatch and told them gunshots were being fired...So the cops hauled it out here...I really like this officer...MAtt made me go inside the house and stay there until he got the gates unlocked for the cops to come down...Officer Fairbanks confronted the boys about the shooting and they told him yes they were shooting at some cans that was very close to me...but they did not know I was there...which is bullsh1t ...they saw me and heard me a talking to the chickens...Lord they fired 6 or 7 times in a row...I didn't know I could still move that fast...
The cop told him that they had been out here 4 times and that this better be the last time...N More gunfire from him at ALL...he lives right by the road...NO noise of any kind after 7:00 pm...If anything happens we are to call and they will come right out and write him a warrent...
The cop ask me did I see him direstly pointing the gun at me...which is no...I didn't stick around long enough...He told me about the same thing Fern told me...keep and journal of inidents and times...and to take any pictures of destrctive things they may do...MAtt inquired about the ATV's upsetting the cows...he says there are no ordinances out here about that...but if it were an animal harressing the livestock to drop it in its tracks...He also told MAtt that he will write the boy a ticket and he will have to appear before a judge but the judge might not do anything...Lord I wish we had gone in debt and bought that place now...I had forgotten what some folks were like...Wish we all lived in the KL neighborhood...I appreicated everyone and need the prayers...MAtt is really upset over this and he has had one heart attack already....That boy got that place for $20,000...the woman just wanted to get rid of it...and he could care less about the land or the area...You should see how he has tore up the yard with them ATVs...Well I better go this is getting long and we are so tired from no sleep the last few nights..You know I am afraid that someday there will be no country life anymore...Thanks and love ya'll...KAtG

SusanMo    Posted 02-08-2005 at 05:46:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Glad to hear you and husband are ok Kat.

Bkeepr    Posted 02-08-2005 at 02:34:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
Have something similar, but not quite so bad, going on next door to us. That is why we're moving, unfortunately. The parents are decent enough folks, but let their kids run totally wild...have had my house and outbuildings hit with shotgun pellets, ATVs without mufflers driving the wife nuts. Unfortunately there isn't a lot you can really do but live with it and pray for relief.

Praying for you (and us),
Tom A

john    Posted 02-08-2005 at 01:44:36       [Reply]  [Send Email]
HI,beeen through the abotu same thing,wish ya the best of luck,,,don't yo have an ordinace against discharging a firearm within a certain distance of a residence or livestock in your area? I look up laws/ordinances all the time hre,let me know where ya live or area and I'll find you the ordinances to follow so the judge just can't slap em on the wrist and let em go.just tryin to help

KellyGa    Posted 02-08-2005 at 01:13:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh Kat, I couldn't sleep so I came on here and read Ferns post, the Home post, and this one, and I feel for y'all. People like that are trouble and more trouble. Looks like you have gotten some sound advice though, and I can't really add to it much, just that calling the cops over and over is a good thing, like they said, eventually the cops will get tired of coming out and do those bad people in.

It seems like there is always something no matter where you are. Prime example, Ian and I went tromping through that 31 acres day before yesterday, and at the frog pond we found signs of trespassing. Some one had been out there hunting we think. Saw small trees that had been cut, and some thrown into the pond. SOme one prolly waiting on a deer to come drink so they could shoot it :(. Ian said the first thing we gotta do is reaffirm the property boundaries with fencing and signs.

Those neighbors have no respect for your way of life, they don't comprehend it, and don't care, so y'all just make their life as miserable as possible until they see they need to settle down.

I am so sorry y'alls peace and paradise has been disrupted. Y'all are in my prayers, XOXO Love ya, Kelly

GrannyG    Posted 02-07-2005 at 19:08:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
How scary this sounds. I would put NO TRESSPASSING signs all over and call the police every time they came within sight.I would make their life so miserable, they would put the place up for sale.If they burn their trash, the fumes are bothering you.Tresspassing laws are pretty strict here in TX. They could be hunting illegally, might need the Fish & Game to investigate. Lordy, I got a mean streak a comin' on....

toolman    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:33:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
glad your ok kat i posted to you on the home site.take care.k

KatG    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:42:53       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi toolman...posted on the homesite also to you...I like that place...Your idea posted up above sounds good and I am waitng for the ideas to roll in...KAtG

Peanut    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:18:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sorry to hear this is going on. What a messy situation. Sounds like the cops are doing their best to help you get through it. Glad no one is hurt. Can't stop from being pi$$ed but at least you both are safe.

Good...    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:17:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Trust me...

They suck...And hurt...

Salmoneye, Who does not hang with those tards any longer...

~Lenore    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:15:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
I hate to hear all that trouble those punks are causing for you and Matt. I am glad that you were not hurt physically. However, that kind of nerve trauma is not the idyllic country life you deserve.

Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:12:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thankfully you are both alive and well.
And please keep a wary eye just the same.
Not knowing where this creep was plinking, Michigan has laws on the books no firearms may be discharge within so many feet (or yards) of a dwelling. You may want to look into these laws within your Sates' game and fish rules and regulations and make notes.
Trespass laws are generally taken care of by Department of Conservation Officers here.
So many laws on books, every branch of law enforcement generally worry about their own area of public safety.
PS. Hope you donít mind my asking for some higher help. It just seemed to be the only thing I could do to help. Bless you both.

KatG    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:26:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Why no Fern..if it weren't for God and prayer me and MAtt would have been died along time ago...and we know that...We love all of you and appericate ya'll being here...KAtG

bob    Posted 02-08-2005 at 06:12:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
Kat had aneighbor like yours and drove me up a tree. I have a saying {What goes around Comes around} sometimes it takes too long we think but be patience.This guy was a drunk and drugie alaways had 6 guys around to bug you. well I kept thinking if his house would burn down maybe he would move. One day I was out in my garden and looked up and they were grilling close to house and next thing house was on fire. Thought about not calling fire department but headed for house but they were on the way. To make a long story short he had no ins on this house and let thje contract go back. after robbing and doors and trusses that didn,t burn. I had to thank the good lord the day he moved. Since lady who owned land has built a new house and buys up all land around so we don,t have undesireables around Good Luck I feel for you .

Alias    Posted 02-07-2005 at 17:07:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
Kat, I've been in contact with that old meany, fern LOL. And, he has kept me updated on all he knew. Fern is a smart man and a gentleman to boot. So, anything he tells you can be relied upon. I just wish he'd get off my back sometime.

Take care and try not to leave the place unattended. Sounds to me like you got yourself a wild, low life, neighbor there.....Take no chances with that type. I don't say this to unduly worry you but from the sound of things, they aren't the kind I'd like to have for neighbors. ....gfp

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