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Old lion...
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KatG    Posted 02-11-2005 at 11:48:43       [Reply]  [Send Email]
This has really shook Matt to the depth of his soul...When that young feller cussed him last night and threatened him he just turn and came home and called the cops...The old MAtt afew years back would have sailed over that fence and whipped all those punks a$$e$...But Matt at up to it anymore and think that hurts him more than anything...He didn't sleep last night...They ripped and roared until 1:00 am...He is trying different avenues to try and fix this...It makes me hurt to see his pride suffer such a blow...KAtG

oslo    Posted 02-11-2005 at 14:42:22       [Reply]  [No Email]
My advice is too have no contact with them at all. Don't let them see you taking pictures. Don't stare in their direction. I would go to the police dept. and find someone other than that one cop and ask him to be a "go between". Have him go out there and have a talk with them. If you find the right cop he will know what you want and how to go about telling them that you just want left alone. If there are no laws against driving at midmight, then they are right in what they are doing. Sorry. If you work that angle and are careful what you do, innocently as it might seem, you might be able to defuse this situation. Good luck.

Willy-N    Posted 02-11-2005 at 14:38:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Matts a smart man he would have ended up in jail doing that along with a record and blowing any chance of wining in this problem. Mark H.

vabill    Posted 02-11-2005 at 14:37:33       [Reply]  [Send Email]
katg, similar thing happened to me years ago. my wife was in a slight accident & i got out to check it out. the other guy says everything is ok lets both leave. i said no stay here & 1 went to get the cop on the corner. when we got back some drunk came out of a bar & started yelling that it was my wifes fault & calling her all kind of bad names. i was staring at him & the cop asked me a question & the sob slammed me in the chest.i fell back and just looked at him & then the cop wrestled him to the ground & took him away. that night at dinner i was real quiet & my wife asked why. that was the first time in my life that i didnt do anything to protect my self. if some one hit me or even made an attemt to i was all over him. it bothered me for quite a while and one night my daughter called & i told her i still dont know why i took it, and she said*DAD YOURE 55 YEARS OLD MAYBE YOURE FINALLY GROWING UP* she was right it never bothered me again. guys have to be macho & protect their family but theres better was to do it than going down to their level. you cant let anyone push you around but it has to be done legaly. call the troopers, call the cops, call the mayor, callthe state senator that represents your area. but i think the best thing is to get the e-mail address of all these people and drown then in complaints. i think geritt said there were over 100 on this chat room get everyone to get 10-15 of their friends & *LETS ROLL* best of luck bill

bob    Posted 02-11-2005 at 14:23:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
Patience and document. They are going to think they are in comand but if you document and turn in to autohitys it will eat them alive. But remember don,t do any thing stupid as they would just like to sue you and get property. I feel for you as I went thro this 10 years ago when boy was growing up. Hard to not have him fall into their plan. As I have posted before they burnt the house down and no ins. God works in mysterious way. Trust me it will work out but be Patient

slim    Posted 02-11-2005 at 14:04:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
I've been following your situation. You're in a tough spot. One that will not be solved quickly. You are either in for the long haul or will have to move.

The best advice I can give you is don't do anything to get yourself in trouble. Even if you want to hit them, shoot them, or burn their house down, don't. Do keep calling the police. Go over everyone's heads. Call the State Police. Write and call your elected officials all the way to the Governor. Try any Federal police you can think of even Federal game wardens. Don't stop at the officer's level. He's either their friend or doesn't want the extra work he thinks you are causing. Expect resistance from him. By all means get yourself a lawyer who will get involved. That way the police know you are serious. Document everything. Tape everything. Take pictures and video of everything from your window. When taping make sure that they know you are taping it. That way it can be used against them. Push for copies of all police reports. Take all the stuff you collect to the media, newspapers, radio, TV.

Even if you do get your day in court you may lose. An old lawyer once gave my mother what I believe is sound advice. He said years ago when he went into court he knew who was going to win. Nowadays he really has no idea because some of the decisions he has seen are really messed up and have no basis in either law or what is right or wrong.

Good luck but above all stay patient and realize that this will take a while to straighten out. The dopeheads will probably run out of money and be forced to move before the legal process can straighten your problem out.


hay    Posted 02-11-2005 at 13:12:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
heck, wait until they's not at home and take the ol' tractor with the 5 shank chisel plow and "landscape" their front yard.

Dale Anne    Posted 02-11-2005 at 12:48:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy katg, sorry to hear of yer problems...tell that ole lion his pride aint taking a blow...hes just to smart to give them youngins a reason to sue ya'll...cause thats what they would do iffin he hit them ya know!...iffin I was you I would buy a good set of ear plugs and try to sleep while the kids next door were making noise..find out abouts what time thems sleep and then do yard work,ride yer 4 wheeler,blast music,hell sit in the car and just honk yer horn,get a spot light and light the house windows[ummmm heard a coyote in the woods officer]..shoot into the ground[just fer noise sake....iffin hubby a real strong man and has time on his hands cut down or knock down a tree to block thems driveway...of course dont use a chainsaw...would make to much noise....iffin ya know where abouts the septic system is ya could day ummmmm flood it{grins}...i have had this done to me heres what ya do...find the kids names out and call the utilities tell them ya going on vacation and wat everything cut off for 2 weeks[my ex did this to me] took me 3-5 days before everything was cut back on...dont forget to call the post office and ask them to hold yer mail[next door] also...can also take the tags off the cars at night...hope this helps...dale anne

toolman    Posted 02-11-2005 at 12:00:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
tell him not to look at it as a matter of pride, but as a matter of growing , getting wiser and doing things smarter.alot of us have to do the same thing can,t settle things with your fists and boots like in the old days, different times call for different measures.

deadcarp-dang!    Posted 02-11-2005 at 12:51:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
even toolman's starting to make sense - should i worry? lol

toolman/start worrying    Posted 02-11-2005 at 14:39:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
as long as they know they are bothering you or getting your goat they will keep it up.ignore them but docuement everything then make your move with the proper authoties, don,t stand out in the yard getting in a shouting match with them, your playing into their hands .remember bullies are cowards usualy only find strength in numbers and courage in a bottle, don,t lay awake at night worrying just be prepared for whatever.

well said    Posted 02-11-2005 at 12:12:22       [Reply]  [No Email]

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