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Letter from aarre
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deadcarp    Posted 02-14-2005 at 14:29:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
(aarre is an old friend of mine - he was a duluth publisher and ww2 vet. got this today - pictures in next post)

Here are many, many interesting Links of Dresden, such as: Photographis Views of Dresden. Such a beautiful city destroyed by war, saying nothing of all the people that lost their lives. All that that was destoyed, can never be replaced. Just too damn bad.

I was in England two months before D-Day. Every day beginning early morning, lasting 2 hours, the skies were full of American and British bombers heading over Germany on their bomb runs. Many times, I wondered to myself, what is happening to the people there.?

High above the bombers were the Spitfires and Mustangs for the bombers aerial support. The various bombers looked large, then pursuits looked like mosquitoes high above. The smaller pursuit planes had belly tanks for fuel, when the tanks went empty, they were dropped.

About 4 to 5, in the afternoon, the bombers were returning to their various fields in England. There were less bombers returning, some with their motors ailing, loosing altitude. It really gives a person an unusual feeling to see this every day.

The Walled City of Nurenburg was completely flattened. This was the heart of Nurenburg, likely from the 11th century, or before. At that time, the population of the Walled City was over a 100 thousand. The outer perimeter was all wall with draw bridges, like we read in school in earlier grades. A moat was all around, but at this time I did'nt see any water.

I feel I must write some of this what I have witnessed, I'm not young any longer, when my mind is still fresh, I feel I should mention, some that I have seen.


bombing pix    Posted 02-14-2005 at 14:37:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
frauenkirche in dresden, pictures 1945 + 1947

toolman    Posted 02-14-2005 at 15:56:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
there was a show on tv last night i think it was about that city and the bombing, said it was completely destroyed, i think they said 35,000 killed, on discouvery i think it was,war is he!!, showed some about hilter also, how the massess followed him and his word.

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