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An extra extraordinary Farm Report
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-14-2005 at 16:13:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
The start of a splendid day: a spill. a spell, sawing to long the wood pile, shagging calves too late, slumberís demands upon me, spasms beset me knurling fingers and toes, gripping and clamping muscles in-between, I swill a last glass of water washing down the one valium pill Iím allowed. The eventual sleep was wonderful waking wide eyed and refreshed to meet an already dismal day making like the darn catĎs door-man letting her---kicking her arse out the door..

Pour me some vintage coffee nuking it. I make the customary water haul. Retrieve my coffee cup on my way to this keyboard to set eyes upon the world and begin my wordís issue describing one manís simple farm land adventures.

So, I find it is Monday morning, a 14th of February, the last part a contrived day to line the pockets of florists, candy makers, and sentimental greeting card printers, their the sums of which I avoid buying into. I get into enough gift giving trouble without certain organizers drawing me into these cheap money grabbing schemes to deprive me of whatís really needed? A need Iíll know when I see it!

The TV on and tuned in, itís picture coming and going, turning the computer on was going to be a waste of time and proved itself so upon several attempts. So much for checking out the neighbors on the electronic highway.

Dropping temps last night had turned rain into sleet. Roads ice covered. Power outages. School delays turned into school closings. Winter news the ordinary season challenges thrown at us.

So icy, even in four wheel drive, the truck behaving like it donít want to go. Slipping sliding I idle the length of our road. The pavements salted are only scarcely better. Without any high stepping I managed to keep my feet upon an ice covered mother earth. The first accomplishment finishing the chore without losing it. The grain wagon emptied, its grinding day. Lovely! Almost home, a hundred yards form my driveway, the truck quits. An attempt to restart it blows the end of the muffler out. Must have been getting old, maybe a little rusty? All manner of good neighbors come by. One consols me with a smoke I shouldnít have smoked. Another offers me her cell phone. I had mine. Dave was already called and on his way to tow me home. Meanwhile Wayne Syxeye comes along, (from across road) as Dave rolls up. Scrutinizing symptoms looking for some more, the fuel pumps were working. Using a freshly cleaned spark plug, for another neighbor, We used it to check for spark. Walla, the ignition was dead. Wayne suggests let Dave take the wagon home and Iíll get and tow you to my garage. There we slipped in a different coil, it was no dice. Going deeper opening the distributor he replaced the pickup(?) module with another.
Checking fluids, down a quart of oil, a couple quarts of water, and a pint of trans-fluid. Confident, the tools put away, Wayne turned the key, Vroom, we had ignition, the pickupís running, but with a new sound. Then, it was lunch time.

Belly filled, finger bread cake for dessert, the weather warmed enough to melt the ice in front of the barn, I managed to grind the grain without any debuting incidents. Coffee time, and Friedaís managed one of them upside down cakes thingyís. Yum! And, she still ainít getting any candy out of me, just because of where she puts it on. (small gin). The rate sheís feeding me, Iím going to cast a bigger shadow than our old oak tree.

Been wondering how she peels one of them upside-down cakes up off the floor without any of that extra spice I track in all the time??????

My neighbor around the corner came by and picked a pair of raccoons I had trapped last night in the barn. Heíll skin them for their pelts. He couldnít believe I used apples for bait.

My trapper leaving I was off to running the road again to spot the grain wagon in front of main barn. Halleluiah, The 4H kids were back to do the their share off the chores tonight. Thatís almost like having a day off. Then it was back home to hay the ladies. Pulled a new one tonight, literally. Normally backing into the wrapped haylage bails one usually snaps off for transport. Not tonight, that wrap so tuff I carried off two of them trailing unseen second out of the hay yard, through the barnyard, out and down the road before noticing It laying in the road behind me. Looking about me the one I had gone after was still with me, my realizing what had happened, I had to rectify the mysterious mistake. Also in my mirror are a pair of headlights closing on me, the tractor and lost load. I t was reverse time baking the tractor up to shove the road blocker off onto the shoulder. I could not trust it to luck leaving it where it had been deposited, its end color the right shade to blend with the roads surface and the sides wrap the color of the snow still reaming along the roadís shoulders. The hazard moved to one side I continued on, picking up the potential accident maker upon my way back home.

That fans, is about how it went today. Another day down on the farm with more surprises to be dealt with as they arise, for thereís no putting off what has to be done today. Lordy, how I do like the unexpected challenges popping up on the farm, and some of the remedies involved so entertainingly solving the problems.
An early evening in, I just might find me a good movie on to snooze through. I hate going to bed un-rested. May you all have as good a day as I had. G-night.

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