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Country Discussion Topics
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Pet peeve
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steve19438    Posted 02-15-2005 at 06:49:13       [Reply]  [Send Email]
people who eat or chew gum while talking on the telephone.

Dug    Posted 02-15-2005 at 20:37:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
WELL, shoot! I don't have any pet peeves. I guess I'm just too easy going!


Melanie    Posted 02-15-2005 at 11:40:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Filling out this form, then losing it all when you hit the "back" button. Or, like just happened, when the "Page cannot be displayed" screen comes up.
The peeve I was going to type was people who don't use their turn signals... but this one is more pat to the moment. Heh, heh.

Redneck    Posted 02-15-2005 at 09:56:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yep, I can't stand that eating and talking in person or on the phone bit either. Another is a smoker that knows you don't allow smoking but will suck the last bit of a cancer stick out and then throw it down on your property.
Gum chewers that throw down gum ought to have to scrape it out of of the rear hooves of an donkey with the dodo's for eternity.
Folks that get in my space to talk bugs me about as much as sales folks that run up close and want to shake hands. They always have on too much stinky colonge on their hands. Years of hard work and playing music has given me the gift of a stout handshake. They usually don't want seconds.

Dang if I ain't gripy today.

bob ny    Posted 02-15-2005 at 07:56:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
how bout the guy you call on the phone and he says wait i got another call coming in then you wait for 5 min like your call was not importamt or the guy who talks to you without looking at you, my grandfather always said if a man can't look you in the etes you can't trust him

steve19438    Posted 02-15-2005 at 08:11:37       [Reply]  [Send Email]
when i was coahing little league baseball here i had a fellow coach who would do that. eventually i would hang up when he put me on hold.

Ron/PA    Posted 02-15-2005 at 07:42:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Worse is people that will chew food while talking to you in person. If I wanna see a train wreck, I'll hang out by the tracks. If someone's going to chew food while talking to me,, they'll be talking to themself real quick.

Dale Anne    Posted 02-15-2005 at 07:04:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
How about folks who speak to others in the backround while speaking on the phone? son does this and it drives me NUTS!..also on the cell phone while driving wit the windows down 0r while mowing??..My pet peeve would have to be asking folks to take thems shoes off before coming in my house and then asking why?..well cause it's my dang house and unless ya wanna sit outside wit the dogs yer shoes must come off!...see i got all new carpet 3 years ago and wont allow shoes in the house[unless entering by carport can leave shoes in kitchen] and I have only had to clean them 1 time so far and really didnt need to....they still look brand spanking new!...dale anne

gran    Posted 02-15-2005 at 09:57:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
When I call my son he repeats everything I say to his wife. If he dosn't I can hear her in the background "what did she say" Drives my right up the wall,don't call him much

MikeT    Posted 02-15-2005 at 07:03:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You know, you don't see many people chewing gum any more. Also don't see many people any more that whistle. I do both. My wife started humming when she turned 60 (??). I been whistling all my life. I blame that on spending endless hours on a tractor pulling a plow when I was a kid. Nothing to do but whistle and shoot rats and rabbits running down the furrow in front of the tractor.

steve19438    Posted 02-15-2005 at 07:12:23       [Reply]  [Send Email]
"You know, you don't see many people chewing gum any more."
most of the younger folks i work with do. mebbe it's and age (teeth) thing.

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