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Country Discussion Topics
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Wife swap
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deadcarp    Posted 02-16-2005 at 21:39:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
i watched wife swap tonite - one couple's been living off savings & in a bus for 2 years. at the expense of their teenaged daughters' childhood. the spineless wife just pledges loyalty & condemns the family to his life. in america? in 2005? think i'd tell that dictating egomaniac to git & take his gashog with him. :)

Dale Anne    Posted 02-17-2005 at 05:56:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy deadcarp and a good morning to ya.....I also watched most of it last's one of my fav shows but I couldnt stand to watch the whole thing cause I may have taken my tv and put a hole in it with my foot....That man had me sooooooooo mad....Now I do agree with the homeschooling[in bad areas] no so much in good towns cause I believe a child needs to be around other children.....and I do believe that folks can live on the road[a couple without children or singles or retired] but a family..nahhhhh them children are going to grow up and become wild! cause they are so sheltered from the world...and the wife!!!!! ohhh let me get ahold her fer a week I would show her how to put that man in his place with a pitch fork and a foot in his azz...Like I have ssaid before I am ole fashion and believe a woman should tend to her husband but in return the husband should take care of the wife and treat her as an equal....I do fer my husband such as getting him his coffee,making sure suppers on the table,he has a clean home to come home to and even put the news on for him,run his bath water so...but I dont do anything for him that he hasnt or wouldnt do for me also.......dale anne

Griz    Posted 02-17-2005 at 07:18:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
You know it's kind of funny. At first I was all for the father as I had always wanted to take a year off with my kids and travel the country (we home school) so his stance did not bother me one iota. However, as the show progress, this "loving father" turned into an ego maniac that only cared about one thing, himself. So, when all was said and done, he needed shot.

I am still going to buy a big RV and tour the countryside for a year with the kids however it won't ever be to their detriment like it was here.


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