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Country Discussion Topics
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House Hunting Update
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KellyGa    Posted 02-20-2005 at 05:57:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, we went back out to Cedartown to look at three houses. Boy, I tell ya, pictures can be decieving! The first house we went to looked like it was in the ghetto! It was on 9 acres, but it was literally all swamp! Trees and swamp, all out back. Then we went to a nice brick home, and the house was fairly nice, we liked it pretty good, but the five acres it was on, was useless. It was practically on the side of a mountain, and slopy. The third was 6 acres, had a nice house, wrap around porch, nice road it was on, all pasture, but, there was a huge wet area halfway out towards the road. Started looking, turns out the way all the area drainage ditches are, it ends up in that yard! There used to be a pond there I am told, but its just a mud hole now, and I was told it stays that way year around.

We have decided to up our anty and go for higher priced houses. We were trying to get one under 150,000 so we could finance it for 15 years and be done with it, but, it appears we arent going to find our dream home for that price, so we talked about it and decided on going higher on the price and going 30 years on a loan. We have found 5 real nice properties to look at out there next weekend, so maybe one of these will be the one. :)

Hope everybodys weekend is going well. :) Take care everyone.

Mike(inWisc.)    Posted 02-20-2005 at 11:20:57       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Did I miss something here? I thought you had an accepted offer on those 31 acres with some sort of land contract.

I remember your posts about termites and the exterminator being there.

Did this fall through? Sorry if I missed it but please give us the report.


KellyGa    Posted 02-20-2005 at 12:13:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well, as you know we were owner financing. The guy is a nutbag. He got a back up offer, for cash. He backed out of our deal and went for the cash, which is stupid, because capital ginas is going to eat him alive. Where as, with us, he would have gotten a 7 percent return.
Turns out the guy is crazy, a stingy old man. FOr example, the termite guy remembers him well. He had them come out and do some work at his current address, they quoted him 85 dollars, they did the work, and then he handed them a check for 50 and told them thats all the work was worth. They sent him a letter saying he had 5 days to get them the remainder of the money, and he did, but, that just kind of shows you what kind of person we are dealing with here. Might have been a blessing in disguise.

Dale Anne    Posted 02-20-2005 at 08:38:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy KellyGa.....Getting a nice property can be expensive just remember that iffin ya gonna up the price ya are willing to pay consider this......for a 30 year mortage if you pay 1 1/2 months note 6 months out of the year[depending on the interest] ya can have paid off the entire laon in 20/23 years.....Ex hubby and I did this....make sure the bank does not penilise ya for paying off early......also for holidays we would set an amout...say 200 to spend on each other.....we would take half of that[$100.00] and put it towards next months note...only pay the regular note for january[already $200.00 towards it] and go after xmas shopping for ourselves when all the sales are going on...we also shopped at this time for out of state family[shopped late] everyone knows how I can make a nickle stretch lol...good luck...Dale Anne

Randy    Posted 02-20-2005 at 06:59:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
When we were looking I did most of the work here on the computer. Got to the real estate office with 15 or 20 places to look at. Went through the list with Joan and got rid of half of them. too close to a main road, too hilly, etc. Saved us a lot of time. Always remarkable what they will show you when you tell them this, they show you that.
We've had ours for a little over a year now. 3 bedroom house on 24 acres in upstate NY. We paint and do stuff that we want to change as we can. Mostly enjoy it!
Good luck, the place is there for you.

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