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Ref: shriners post below
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Hollie    Posted 02-21-2005 at 10:34:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
I suppose before i get tared and feathered in here i should explain....perhaps due to the many birth defects that our little josh had COULD be the reason underlying why he was not accepted...yes they told us as long as we had insurance, and were married and employed but maybe in hind sight it was because he had so many things wrong that they just didn't want to take his case on...Josh was born with spinal bifida, a neurotube defect that causes the loss of limbs depending on where the spine is opened at...he also had a shunt in his head to drain off excess spinal effected his eyes, he had strbismus (one eye would not focus, stayed turned in)...he had grand mall fits, took 3 kinds of meds to try and control them...due to the nerve damage from the spine...he did not suck and was fed by a ng tube in his stomic...he did not breath voluntary either, so had a threak in his throat....if he would of lived, docs told us he may have had a brace on the left foot...and would of dragged it, so crutches were in order then....and he was high risk...from the beginning we were told he had only a 10% chance to live....perhaps thats why the shriners wouldn't take him a business sense, it would of been pouring good money me....i just know, if i had to do it over again id still ask for their help, because i know they do good work...but the truth is they dont' TAKE EVERYONE REGARDLESS....thanks for listening.......h

oslo    Posted 02-21-2005 at 15:04:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hollie; There is nothing worse than what you are having to bear.

The Shriners have guidelines that they follow. It is unfortunate what happened to your child not being accepted at the Shriners Hospital. If you are ever, heaven forbid, you most certainly should ask them. Those Shriners have children also and they would not turn you away if you had qualified. Those Shriners you talked to do not get paid. It is volunteer work only. The airplanes that you occasionally see takeing kids to the hospital. They work the people and corporations who own planes. The only payment the plane owners get is the handshake and the press release plus, ofcourse, They are helping kids.

I hope this helps you to understand a little better what may have happened.

New-Gen    Posted 02-21-2005 at 12:44:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Hollie..if they do decide they want to tar and feather you tell your husband I know a good recipe for edible tar and feathers...the main ingredients are chocolate sauce and marshmallows....

Hollie    Posted 02-21-2005 at 12:46:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
well okey dokey darling...just dont' ask me for glossy 8x10 pics......hehe..................h

Hester    Posted 02-21-2005 at 11:56:46       [Reply]  [No Email]
Because your post is higher up, I'll post here. I am sorry your little one wasn't helped. Back in mid 30s, my brother was born crippled, foot twisted into a knot, that leg shorter & smaller. At 1 1/2 yrs, the Doc insisted he go to the Shriners Hosp for Crippled Children. Did so, & had to stay several weeks. (They paid expenses for my dad to take him.) Back home, he was in a cast, but was walking on the sole of his foot. Until he was 16, SH called him back, time to time, and worked on his foot and leg. The foot never grew same size as the other, leg was much slimmer and some shorter, but by golly! They did wonders for him!He was able to do anything any other boys or men could do. Many never realized he had a problem. In his 60s now, he has nothing but good to say about his care.

My grand daughter was born with mis-shapen toes. At about 7, she went for surgery (not SH) & it helped, not perfect. At about 12, a Dr looked at her feet and asked who did it. Then told them she should have gone to Shriners' Hosp. Her parents took her, to see if they could do anything at that time, and they did do some more work on her feet. The SH docs said if they could've done the original surgery, they'd be nearly perfect. I believe it's so.

A niece was born with her fingers growing to the pad of her palm. Shriners' Hosp fixed it so you can't tell anything was ever wrong. Another niece went there for some tests, (Dyslexia) and they did the tests and then set her up with a class in her home town.

Another lad I knew had a problem.. one side was outgrowing the other, due to shortened bones on that side, all the way, from feet to shoulder. I suggested his family take him. SH paid their way, and did tests, but could do nothing for him. Still, they asked that he return every 2 years, in case they came up with a way to help him. It didn't happen, & the boy is now grown.

I think the hospital's a wonderful thing. If you ever get a chance to visit in one, you should. You'll see kids laughing and having a great time, as well as the nurses. While my niece was in there, they lined the kids up, in wheel chairs, and they had wheely races, assisted by some wonderful nurses.

I have some kin in the Shriners, now, and that's a good thing. They fact that some kids aren't helped may be simply because they can't be helped, as in the case of the lad with the bone problem. They try their hardest, and grieve when they can't help.

hollie    Posted 02-21-2005 at 12:03:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
oh i agree...but like i may be that josh had more nerve damage than any type of bone was the comments made by the rep that got to us....thankyou....h

New-Gen    Posted 02-21-2005 at 11:44:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
It takes a little more than a friendly disagreement to get tarred and feathered (I know this because I've been known to "push the coin" a little at times...)
Actually I thought it was a good thread...people disagreeing on something without anybody getting their nose out of joint...

hollie    Posted 02-21-2005 at 12:06:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
yea...i agree...again...i just got told what i DIDNT' want to hear from them...when your grasping for straws to keep a little one alive...when your heart tells ya to keep fighting and your head tells ya to accept...its hard to take.....perhaps it wasnt' a good thread to put my 2cents in after all.....i don't want to get the stigma of a sour puss......see ya in chat!..............h

New-Gen    Posted 02-21-2005 at 12:10:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Even though I've been fortunate enough not to have been through what you did, I know where you're coming from...maybe it wasn't the best thread for me to start...(Like that ever stopped me before) NG

Hogman, another 2 cents    Posted 02-21-2005 at 13:21:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
Why don't You two stop beatin Yourselves ta a pulp. It's good to bring out things like this now and then, and Hollie,I grieve with You for Your child. Perhaps just this talking about it eases Your bad feeliings about what happened. There are many wonderful organizations out there such as Hospice which I had heard of but knew nothing about let akone what They did until it came My turn to need Them. Now I know and thank God for Them fevrently.

hollie    Posted 02-21-2005 at 14:06:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
yes hospice is in our area...but wasn't an option for josh....hard to explain here...but it just wasn't....we did contact them 2 yrs ago when mom died...but we opted to care for her her request actually...she didn't want strangers around...and thankyou for your nice comment..i sorta unloaded a tad..............h

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