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Country Discussion Topics
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Dale Anne    Posted 02-22-2005 at 14:34:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
howdy ron i was a thinkin...since ya know so much about these here eggs why dont ya come on down and wash them fer me? lol....fixin to go out and feed which means collecting more eggs[sigh]...hubby has 12 dozen to take to work tomorrow!....and that is just the folks at his work...we have alot of folks stop by on the weekends to buy chickens and eggs....I got an egg sign up at the highway I painted myself...real cute it is...say FARM FRESH EGGS FOR SALE! and still I have folks flock to the house to buy what? CHICKENS! I ordered an extra 25 last year and plan to sell them off this year also selling off the older birds and rotating my flock.....iffin ya come wash the eggs i'll give ya a dozen fer free lol.....dale anne

deadcarp-seal eggs    Posted 02-22-2005 at 15:37:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
you know i was thinking about washing eggs cheaply, and i'm kinda stuck on this: have 2 batches of water, the first one just lukewarm to loosen any crud & the second batch have mineral oil in it to seal the shell. now, you'd soak the eggs for a minute or 2, then drop them thru like a wet tube (old nylon or smething, slightly twisted to help tumble the egg) into the sealer. as they're packed for shipping, wouldn't hurt to have a sponge handy for any stubborn bits. we used to sell eggs but sealed them with sugar lead (also good for sealing radiators) but that was 50 years ago. :)

toolman    Posted 02-22-2005 at 14:38:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
when we still had our chickens , layin birds we sold some eggs but when we took them to butcher folks were waiting for us comming back wanting to buy the birds,most were gone before we got home, everybody wanted more, told the wife next time i get into chickens it will be meat birds, sure was a demand for it then and i think your turn around on them is only about 8 weeks , pretty good money too.

Dale Anne    Posted 02-22-2005 at 16:07:16       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy, Yes I have meat&egg chickens....I am allowed by law to sell up towards 500 doz eggs without a liscence but the chickens I have to sell live cause I do not have a proccessing room...I kull my own chickens and rabbits which is also a crime here in ark to sell after kulling....The standard holding is fryer size at 12 weeks of age but since my chickens are free range I sell of the older ones also....dont cost me next to nothing to hold them seems to me the mexicans I sell to dont want nothing but the laying hens...even when going to throw them in a pot!.....Dale Anne

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