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Country Discussion Topics
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Ain't Fair
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J    Posted 02-24-2005 at 14:06:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have question for ya'll...

My wife was going down the interstate behind a mobile home being moved. I guess shingles were peeling off the house left and right. There was even a van following the mobile home (the mobile home moving company's van) The van did not bother to stop even though they obviously could see what was going on. A shingle flew off and broke the rearview mirror off of our car. She called the Highway Patrol. They said nothing could be done about it. The driver did get a ticket. What I want to know is, why do I have to pay for their mistake? Does this mean I can balance bricks on the roof of my truck, and if they fall off and crash through someone's windshield, all I will get is a little ticket? Heck, why bother strapping anything down...

Could this be a "No Fault" insurance thing?

hollie    Posted 02-24-2005 at 14:25:28       [Reply]  [No Email]
a few questions just to clear things said a citation was issued....was there an accident report made? Do you have the name of the moving company that was responcible for the property being towed? if so, they would be liable...not the owner of the moblile home...if the same thing would of happened here...I would of made out an accident report...gave both you and the mobile home company movers a copy...then a copy is sent to Mo. DOR and the county pa, along with an officers supplemental report....seldom did we write a citation ...unless the infraction caused an accident..(as in a moving violation) its not up to us to write for property damage, we always let the pa make the it would of been a state charge of careless and imprudent resulting in vehicle damage or property damage due to negligece.........h

also    Posted 02-24-2005 at 14:29:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
the citation is public on the moving company should be on can contact them and see if they are willing to pay for the new side mirror...if can always sue in small claims court...however here in mo. you have to weigh what that costs...cost to file, loss of wages for that day waiting in court ect...i've learned on day care fees...if a parent skipps out, im just costs me more to shut down daycare for court, pay filing fees and show up than just terminate the parents....i tell em up front..NO PAY..NO STAY....

Hogman    Posted 02-24-2005 at 14:57:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Your right there Hollie Small claims is a joke,I ate $400 with wallygippochinatown.This was Their service rather than a vender who they could happly backcharge. I would certainly not advise anyone to buy tires from them!And, having Friends in Court and on tha Bench was no help,it;s just tha way tha law is written.

Once ARNOLD is elected to tha OVAL STY I'll have Him demand a new universal law ta correct this and as ARNOLDS Uncle Hogustus I can do that.
By the way, We will commence accepting Campaign donation in tha near future. ARNOLD FOR PRES 08. Just thought I'd slip that in there, can't start runnin too soon Ya noe.

toolman    Posted 02-24-2005 at 15:14:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
we have the campaign already started on this end boss, canadians for arnolds, pretty catcy huh.

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