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Country Discussion Topics
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Trucks/equip with air brakes???
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Clod    Posted 02-24-2005 at 16:58:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
If you got a call like this and could choose what to bring then what to do.What would you bring and do.Trucker calls.You get the message second hand from a person who knows nothing of machinery. >>>>>A truck driver is on the side of the road about fifteen miles away. He can not move the truck and trailer.He says he can get no air pressure or maybe fifteen LBS.<><>><>>>>>> I have my own ideas of what to take and what to do.But I wont say .WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ON THIS?? >>> I would prefer no comedy on the answers because I get e mail with comedy included.

New-Gen    Posted 02-24-2005 at 17:23:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
I would take a portable air tank, a set of wrenches, some hose clamps and an assortmant of pipe plugs and fittings from 1/4"to 5/8".
The problem could be a malfunctioning governor on the compressor or a severe leak in the system.
If it's the governor, sometimes you can get air to the tanks by cracking the small line going to it.
If you have a blown chamber on the emergency side you can plug it off with a pipe plug.
If there is a line blown you can cut it and patch it with a hose barb.
If the comressor is completely kaput you could charge up the system with the portable air tank and follow the driver with your flashers on as he SLOWLY travels the 15 miles to your shop.
If one of the tanks on the tractor is blown out you should be able to bypass it to get to the shop.
Sometimes the air dryer malfunctions (mainly in cold weather), you can bypass it too.

In any of these case scenerios, the main goal is to GET IT TO THE SHOP SAFELY SO PROPER REPAIRS CAN BE MADE!

Clod    Posted 02-24-2005 at 17:38:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
This guy is already smarter than most who have the problem or deal with these problems.

New-Gen    Posted 02-24-2005 at 20:12:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thank you Clod, you always seemed to me to be a knowlegable guy, so coming from you I take that as a complement..
Just out of curiousity, how would you have handled it?

Doc    Posted 02-24-2005 at 18:29:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
I would take a mechanic...... seriously.

Clod    Posted 02-24-2005 at 18:51:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
Doc,Can you pay fifty bucks an hour for a mech with truck? Maybe it will run 200 bucks if no parts are needed.If they are.You pay him fifty bucks an hour to run to the big city to buy the parts ,Pad the price of those parts then return to install them. Or hit you for 150 bucks to patch a blown airline if it is easy to see.If you have no technical knowledge/tools that route would be the best for one time.

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