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Country Discussion Topics
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Pain Transfer
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mojo    Posted 02-26-2005 at 05:06:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
Alittle background:
Year ago last November I had a horse accident that crushed my right hip and split my right knee. I'm up to a cane now but the pain in my knee is still there. Doc says its really my hip bothering me and the pain is transferring. They've x-rayed, MRI and scoped the knee a year ago and said everything was alright with it, but I'll need a new hip some day because theres no cartilage left. They would have replaced it immediately if there had been enough bone in one piece. Said I can have the hip anytime I want, but I'm 42 and would like to wait.
Anyone ever experience this pain transfer, is it true? Wouldn't like to think my body is lying to me!LOL

James(Ga)    Posted 02-26-2005 at 16:29:02       [Reply]  [No Email]

mojo,i know what you are talking about,remember a few weeks ago when i posted about severe pain in my right sholder and hip,well the pain is still in the sholder but the pain in my hip has gone down into the fema but doc say its my hip but just feels like it has moved down but when you push on my hip i can tell where the pain is,good luck to ye and hope it easyes up some for you. i'm still waiting on a total right knee replacement,had left replaced 6 years ago. James

Hal/Ind    Posted 02-26-2005 at 14:11:38       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have a bad ankle that I favor when walking. Makes my knee and hip hurt especially after a couple hours on concrete. Also, I know a few people who give me a pain in the butt. LOL

BOSS    Posted 02-26-2005 at 09:21:11       [Reply]  [No Email]
My Buddy just had his hip replaced. He is 38. he has had bad hips since highschool. he was to the point that he could barely walk most of the time. The new hip was the best thing he ever did. Now he can run around with his kids and play and do all the things he never could do before.

Zenia    Posted 02-26-2005 at 07:02:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
When I had laparoscopic surgery (abdominal), I got pain in my shoulder. This is because when I was on the table, they put me at an incline (head lower than feet) and filled the abbdomen with gas to see better. Then used a saline flush. But the pressure on the diaphram transfers as pain in the shoulder, seemingly completely unrelated.

Similarly, acupuncture treats points in the body far from the origin of pain, but it works!

TimV    Posted 02-26-2005 at 06:38:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
Mojo: Absolutely--when something hurts, you will favor it. This will cause something else to take the stress normally carried by the hurting area, which will then begin to be over-used and hurt as well. A couple of months ago I fell down the steps leading to my cellar, and banged up my left knee. By favoring that when I walked, I soon could feel it in my left hip as well. By favoring both of those, it was only about a week that my RIGHT hip started hurting! Once the knee healed up, the hip pain went away shortly thereafter.

bob ny    Posted 02-26-2005 at 06:37:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
i am going through that right now my leftknee is bad ,bone to bone and is wearing the bones ,constant pain. went to dr when right knee started to pain doc says nothing ieft to do except replace the left the right can be treated with lube injections you can't limp on both legs the same time so the good one has to take the brunt of shock thus pain transfer.also i was having pain in my left ankle from favoring
the knee i am scheduling the operatiom

bob    Posted 02-26-2005 at 05:21:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Years ago a co worker had same trouble but knee went to ankle and he lived with it but finally had to have ankle fused then worked on knee, these are case where you favor one part and put stress on another. good luck

Patria    Posted 02-26-2005 at 05:21:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
I might not be the right person to give you this kind of info but my mom, who passed away two years ago, new all about 'pain transfer'. I used to go with her to phisical therapy, and also to the quiropractor [sp], he explained to us that when a bone in your body wasn't working properly the rest of the bones wouldn't either. Like the balancing of the car. This would reflect as pain in other parts of the body. Do I make sense? :-)

I hope you get to feeling better. Take Care.

mojo    Posted 02-26-2005 at 05:31:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
LOL...never thought of it that way! If a wheel is out of balance it's hard to tell which and where it is.
I've got pills to take care of the pain and am living a normal life (with a cane), not complaining at all. Can still beat my 9 year old daughter at basketball!8^D Just worried about being able to beat my 3 year old son someday!

Battleborn    Posted 02-26-2005 at 07:28:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
That pain is called referred pain. It is caused by the same thing that causes arm and shoulder pain when you have a heart attack, or shoulder pain with appendicitis. The nerve to your hip and knee are the same trunk. Sometimes your brain can't quite distinguish where the message is coming from.
Sciatica is another form. There is no damage to your leg, just the sciatic nerve near the spine. You feel the pain in your leg.
Hope it gets better. Sounds like the surgery is a good idea.

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