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Country Discussion Topics
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Shopping - Lost Freedom
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KraigWY    Posted 02-26-2005 at 08:51:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Regarding the post below, Lost Freedom. Someone mentioned buying grocerys on the internet. Maybe we are going backwards instead. In 1972 I worked for the railroad in Alaska. I lived in Lignite, north of Mckinly NP. We order grocerys from Anchorage (246 miles away) and they were delivered once a week by train. Can't see a lot of differance then ordering grocerys on the internet. Now back in Wyoming, the grocery store in town delevers when you call in your order. I remember lots of grocery stores use to delevery. The more things change, the more the stay the same sometimes. We buy stuff from the internet, My mother use to order all our cloths and such by mail.

Hollie    Posted 02-26-2005 at 11:44:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
We still get home delivery here in my little town....just call up to the "looks like it stepped back in time grocery store"...tell em what ya want...and when things slow down or when a trusted citizen comes in with time to kill...Ron will bring them by to ya...the meat counter is the best...just ask what you want..and he cuts it...all fancy package............h

Gunner    Posted 02-26-2005 at 11:21:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Shopping stinks. So does goin to the dump- I'm off to do both - clan is down w/ the flu - pickup/trailer loaded to the gills
Time to pop in the Merle Haggard tape . Chores

deadcarp    Posted 02-26-2005 at 09:53:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
in melbourne aus about 15 years ago, lotsa people used the bus, train or tram to get around (cuz 1 in 4 households has a car) so you could select groceries, jot down your address at the checkout lane and for $2 the groceries would usually get home before you did. in the suburbs there were 4 local streets named like ours, so they had fun sometimes. :)

Ron/PA    Posted 02-26-2005 at 09:37:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Kraig, I often think about the full circle we've come in grocery stores.
When I was a kid, we bought most everything from the local mom and pop store. Then the big grocery stores came on the scene and ran most of the mom and pops out of business. Now we have small local "Convenience" stores springing up everywhere, so's we can buy alot of stuff local without going to the big stores????

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