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Country Discussion Topics
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Toofer one Farm Report
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-26-2005 at 16:18:47       [Reply]  [No Email]

So ordinarily ho mum its been hardly worth it writing a journal entry. But then again thinking about it what the heck. Thereís a few more happenings around here than just the twice daily chores, sure.

Personally Iím into my third smoke free day. Was tempted to bum one this morning finding myself in the company of another smoker. While I wanted it I didnít ask for it. Found myself only reaching for a smoke twice. It should be easy kicking the habit this time, a pack almost lasting week. Another help has been staying away from the crossroads choke`uíchuck for coffee, and a cigarette purchaserís temptation right across the road. Oh yeah! Avoiding temptation and keeping busy keeps an idol mind out of trouble. Toughest part was my denying all them pretty ladies over there my splendid company. Oh, the rigors of being popular. Itís a curse at times!!! (grin)

What I did a couple days ago was pleasantly beyond my memory. Could not have been that more memorable a day I canít remember. Although I must have breathed it to be here to write this? Any way, thatís what I thought all day until it finally came to me I had ground grain.nd, had written about it. Iím thinking when I get up in the morning Iíll ask Frieda if she knows us, or who we are, to check her mind. (grin)

Yesterday morning, setting sums of small projects aside, I picked up the shop. Then spent another half of the morning getting an ageing 4010 JD started and driven into the shop. A couple additional hours later, sans radiator and water pump the iron beast crippled, its many related parts covering the floor, she wasnít going anywhere for a couple days. Then, to make the day complete, the `87 pickup would not roll over, haven to jumpstart that Chevy rust bucket to get home.

After chores this morning it was having to jumpstart the rust bucket again. Getting it to the shop, the battery, the alternator the wiring checked out. Even to the point of loosening and retightening terminals, so if I was being observed, just to look good. Then if looking good wasnít enough, I had to look as if I knew what I was doing. Out of memory and desperation, I dug around in a junk wire box. To a piece of found wire I added some terminals slipping the added ends over a couple bolts. One end on the body clip and the other on the engine block.

On the road again I was ready and looking for lunch haying the ladies first, the voltmeter was working abnormally fine for a change. I do believe I had finally fixed the charging system. My fingers are crossed. I suspect, the sorry looking motor mount I had mentioned a couple months back is the problematic culprit, having let the engine settle to far stretching a chassis or body to block ground strap causing it to break. When JD gets out of the shop. Chevy gets in for new motor mount. Thereís dayís I wish my personal parts were as easily replaced.

After lunch seeking a bit fresh air and exercise I went out cut, split, loaded, hauled firewood up to and into the house just for something to do. And, not just because it was a mild 19*F, windless, and sunny a day. Supplied right, it keeps Herr Clink busy stuffing it in the wood stove keeping the home fire burning.

Well, thatís it for another fine day in Shorthorn Country. So, I wish on and all and warm and cozy evening.

deadcarp    Posted 02-26-2005 at 20:14:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
what? you quit smoking? and not even the first stroke yet? and gt all that stuff torn apart? well no darn wonder all those gals are lining up! they're looking for a free ride into the 22nd century fer pity sakes! hey train a dog on the way there - my uncle has one that fetches firewood off the sled & drops it in a cardboard box. course he didn't train me one big enough for dragging trees out - selfish bugger, i hope he shivers. :)

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