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Country Discussion Topics
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To Deadcarp:
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-27-2005 at 06:25:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
When all the kids were home we always had dogs. The family volunteering down at the Human Society animal shelter, one of them was always bringing home a stray something or other every now and then. Most of them the animal’s days numbered do to lack of interest, age or illness. And, as would have it the society had a couple volunteer Vets. Not that My Frieda would so callously take advantage. She managed to save a many an animal putting them together with other families what needed these animal friends and responsibilities.

One particular time, when the children were still home, a Sadie, a pound dog having accepted us and trying to fit in tried her best to help by only finding the firewood chunks to much for herself to handle, she sped around the yard picking up windfall kindling sized pieces of wood and bringing them into the house. That was until she might have ran out of small pieces. For here she came dragging a bit of limb about five feet long triply limbed. Doing her thought part entering a door way already busy with two-way kid traffic she almost made it. Children’s feet and legs becoming entangling in Sadie’s offering had brought down several bodies tumbling a couple arm loads of wood coming in, and emptied hands fending for themselves an inevitable collision with a concrete porch slab going out. Fortunately, cold enough weather, everybody was well bundled wearing gloves or mittens, no one was injured. The dog had let her mouthed grip on the stick go and scooted clear of all the falling timbers flesh and wood falling in, while those falling out had relaxed as dad had taught them and rolled out onto the porch like so many bagged bowing balls.

It was a sight and sound that stills rides vividly within my memories. A dog turned around looking back with a look wondering “What Happened?” Children who’s limbs were commonly entangling their feet together over the threshold laughing each at the other the surprised looks of having been doomed to tumble by a want-to-be helpful dog. And us adults wondering until we had come to look, to witness the kids taking inventory, before they had gotten up; to see, to understand, to laugh, to praise, to forgive, to know what wanting a pet, being wanted and helpful was all about giving and doing even in the animal kingdom.

deadcarp    Posted 02-27-2005 at 08:53:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
hi fern - enjoyed that & glad you guys had a wood-fetching dog. when my cat pepi was smaller, i had a sauna stove downstairs. big pile of wood handy, and one evening i was watching the fire start & here he came dragging a piece of bark big as he was - i thought he wanted me to throw it but he looked at me funny & tugged it over again. he didn't want to jump for it either so heck i'll chuck it in the stove - then he wanted to watch it burn! i finally understood. :)

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