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Junky Farm Report
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-27-2005 at 16:55:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Kids doing chores down the road I took my time starting my outdoor day. Then It was water the cow 691. Dumb animal finally wanted to drink the same time I was at the water spigot. I hope I got her topped off, goofy beast. (grin) Most of the time she leaves me to chopping ice twice a day.

But assisted brother putting hay out down road just the same, as usual.

Then poked around the shop a bit. No parts nothing to fix. Disappointment time colossal!! But, wait, what did I see? A poor down troddened sump pump/a second sump pump/a third sump pump. An idea comes to me mind, he he. These have to be looked into. I know all three need fixing. A mechanical limit switch is obviously burned off the top of one. The second one, the pump mast is clearly rusted into and will never see service again. The third, the switch has been almost taken off a couple wires merely holding to the pumpís drive motor. The last one, it needs a little simple imagineering to reconnect some corroded terminals. Not much of a challenge here. Least whyís not now. The first two however need each other to make one of the two. Grand. That idea shall work, only drive masts are different in as the ancient one is of steel and cast iron, stubborn in disassembly. The newer one the mast assembly is made of plastic and comes apart easily and the electrical cord someone had cut off necessitating even more disassembly to renew it. Now.., I got a brand new fun project. Making something work from a pile of useless junk, is a joy to behold. It was going to be a good day after all. And, when I had more pieces of disassembled junk to ponder than I cared to upon an empty stomach, I broke away from this project for lunch.

Lunch over, what the heck, I watched a movie with Herr Clink. Well she could have been Herr Clink if she had known I had all this spare time on my hands today. For it wasnít until later in the day that I had realized there still was a gas engine under her dinning room table I hadnít hauled back out and reassembled. But then, what she doesnít remember wont hurt me. (grin) Beyond what Frieda didnít know, I had a good afternoon. Taking them apart, putting the pieces together repeatedly, I finally got a working pump. Feeling pretty good about it and eveningís shadows blocking out good light, I felt it best to put the on/off float switch on the pump in the morning when I might better see what Iím doing. Thatíll make it one down and one to go.

The 4H kids had called earlier and had decided it was my turn to do all the chores tonight. Now thereís something to look forward too! Really, the golden moments each day to look at the health and bearing of all the critters. Other than that, it wouldnít have been so bad if I didnít have to deal with so many caring females. (grin) And, another if 4H kids had made up all the pails. So I got stuck with three feedings worth. But thatís the hayfork I must bear.

I may tune in the Oscarís for Chris Rockís monologue. Then Iíll most likely take to squeezing the down out of a pillow with a lazy ear.

Enjoy your evening folks.

Alias    Posted 02-27-2005 at 17:52:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Have a good night and get lots of rest. You've earned it, ole buddy.....gfp

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