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Country Discussion Topics
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Lost in the pines.
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mud    Posted 02-28-2005 at 08:21:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
I aint cut out for this.

Planted white pines over the weekend. I'm 52 or close to it, but feel more like 92 or close to it.

Got 4 rows set. About 200 trees, but I swear it was 2,000.

Fought it all the way. Tractor wouldn't start. Filter jelled, ground cable got bad over night it seems. Had to bushog, the PTO shaft had been borrowed late fall, could not remember who had it. Well, that amounted to 'home week' going around hunting for it.

"Dont have the PTO shaft, want some coffee and a biscuit?"

"You bet!"

Hour later. Next neighbor.

"TD has your PTO shaft, it fits his mower better that his own, want some coffee? Say, can you help me get some wood in the house?"


Hour later. At the store getting a few cans of off road fuel.

"Hey! Mud, where you been dude?" "Seen pictures of our trip to Wyoming?"

Hour later & home again. One more look around and sure enough. There is the shaft in the corner behind a grain shovel with a chore coat hanging on it.

Finally got the first two rows in by dark. Next two rows next day.

Old timer tells me that I planted them trees at the best possible tiime, full moon with wet weather on it's way. He also tells me that I ought to soak some in a salt bath and drink up some cough syrup. Couldn't find the epsom, but something for the cough.

hollie    Posted 02-28-2005 at 09:17:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
do ya have a cold? i've had this dang thing going on my 3rd week....and reading about you planting one time we put out 20...along the north side of the property....they were little...only about 12 in high....son came home from the military and thought he'd mow the yard for vern...he did...trees and all....LOL....and you just explained why i can see the same farmer in a zillion different places all day long...and here i thought he was just out joy riding....LOL...

sawtooth    Posted 02-28-2005 at 10:13:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My son-in-law has over 20 acres- half woods and has been planting trees the last year or two in the open area. He puts those little irridescent flags on wires by them so HE won't mow them off.

mud    Posted 02-28-2005 at 09:58:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Thats about how big these trees were. It has been many moons since I last fooled with pines. These are from the state nursury. We bought 500 of them.
I marked the planting with a few tee posts and some marker tape. Sure hope the deer will leave them alone.

Sorry to read about your cold, they can hang on.
Ya'll eat many oranges at your place? I just had a cough and sore muscles. Jim Beam helped me some with the muscles, but he could do nothin for the cough.

300 pines to go and I hope the bushog never runs them down.
I will remember about that boy mowing yours.

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