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Country Discussion Topics
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Waking up with the roosters
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Katrina    Posted 03-01-2005 at 03:20:05       [Reply]  [No Email]
Having been up really late last evening for an event, I was all set upon ignoring the morning rooster routine and trying to catch a few extra winks while the kids slept in also. A little redhead had other ideas for me. Barely 3 hours into my rest, I hear something unusual going on. The dogs (in the house) aren't barking but the chickens are carrying on like no tomorrow. Hopping out of bed, I run to the window to see the sneaky little redhead running across the yard with my chicken. It stopped in the front yard long enough to look back at me once as I ran out the door. Chickens everywhere but in the henhouse. Seems he snuck through the tear in the screen on the door and proceeded to take care of at least 7 hens. I walked around the yard and found a couple that are not dead yet but don't know if they'll make it to morning or not. I picked them up and returned them to the henhouse and closed and braced the wooden door. We usually do that each night but because we had left late in the afternoon, the kids left the wooden door open. Live and learn I guess. Of course, he couldn't have snuck into the seperate side with the old hens and more roosters. He knew which ones were young and tender and my best layers! I truly enjoy seeing the fox out across the fields but I must say, I can do without them in my yard. There are plenty of mice to catch and eat out there in my fields. Since my morning has begun, I shall wish all except Ron a terrific morning!

Zenia    Posted 03-01-2005 at 11:37:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh, that makes my heart sink, just reading about it! What an awful thing to wake up to. I hope your remaining chickens recover. Why couldn't the darn fox just take one & be gone!

You have a very good outlook, it's so great you can remain positive!

Hunter n NOLa    Posted 03-01-2005 at 03:41:23       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Sorry to hear about the fox killing your chickens. We lost over 40 chickens to Racoons last year. I built Maggie an automatic door closer for the chicken house so now we don't have a problem. Now we don't worry about having to close the door at night or even if we're gone for a couple of days. It is powered by air pressure from my work shed and controlled by a dusk to dawn light sensitive switch like the ones that control lights. Really works great. I later expanded it to my pigeon houses after a cat got in one and killed some of them. Email me if you want more information.

Zenia    Posted 03-01-2005 at 11:41:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Do you have a dog/ dogs?

I lost one chicken to a racoon last year, and the coon came back and injured another chicken but I caught it in the act & chased it off. Since I have a dog now, I have seen no sign of racoons. I have become very realxed about leaving the henhouse open at night. It's behind 6 foot fence, I am in a suburbian area bordering a large state recreation area (hundreds of acres of woodland/ scrub). I think the dog smell keeps the coons away, but the dog sleeps indoors at night. Maybe I should be more careful?

Katrina    Posted 03-02-2005 at 07:28:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yes, we have two dogs that are out and about during the day but sleep in the house at night. We had a raccoon last year and trapped that one. I'm sure there are more critters around but I don't usually see them so close to the buildings.

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